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Division of Student Affairs


Jimmy Mullinax, Winner of 2019 Employee of the Year

Staff Excellence Awards

The Student Affairs Staff Excellence Awards were established to recognize Student Affairs staff whose service to the university, its students and staff has been exemplary. The award is given to individuals who have made sustained and significant contributions to the work being done in the division of student affairs to fulfill the mission to prepare and empower students to make a difference as global citizens.

In 2020, the awards were reimagined to honor individuals who best embody our four core themes: health, safety and wellness; student learning; inclusive excellence and staff experience. The Student Affairs Partnership Award was also added to recognize individuals or departments whose collaborative efforts served to further advance our mission.

Previous Winners

Employees of the Year


  • Jennifer Clark, Student Affairs Publications

  • Tracy Foss, University Housing & Dining

  • Rena Montgomery, University Housing & Dining

  • Charles Mulwee, Clemson University Police Department

  • Bill Weeks, University Housing & Dining


  • Josh Barnes, Campus Activities & Events

  • Laura Clay, Office of Community and Ethical Standards

  • Lynn Fisher, Emergency Preparedness

  • Anthony Harvey, University Housing & Dining

  • Sheila Young, University Housing & Dining


  • David Bishop, Student Affairs Publications

  • Chloe Greene, Healthy Campus

  • Zachary Owen, Clemson University Police Department

  • Sean Stapleton, University Housing & Dining

  • Gary Wiser, Fraternity & Sorority Life


  • DeOnte Brown, New Student and Family Programs

  • Teresa Hollifield, Student Affairs Business Operations

  • Mary Erin Morrissey, University Housing & Dining

  • Thomas Reid, Parking and Transportation Services

  • Paige Zoltewicz, University Housing & Dining


  • Michael Galloway, University Housing & Dining

  • Dionne Holt, University Housing & Dining

  • Jenny Rodgers, Campus Recreation

  • Kristin Walker-Donnelly, Center for Career and Professional Development


  • Major Anderson, University Housing & Dining

  • Edward Burton, University Housing & Dining

  • Chris Harrington, Police

  • Tina LeMay, Student Affairs Publications

  • Kate Radford, Student Involvement & Leadership


  • Brennan Beck, Military & Veteran Engagement

  • Pam Davis, Campus Life

  • John Michael Lewis, University Housing & Dining

  • Jimmy Mullinax, Campus Recreation


  • Health, Safety & Wellness: Dr. Lesslie Pekarek, Student Health Services

  • Student Learning: Cara Snider, Center for Student Leadership and Engagement

  • Inclusive Excellence: Student Affairs Inclusive Excellence Committee

  • Staff Experience: Laura Clay, Office of Community and Ethical Standards

Team of the Year


  • Clemson University Police Department Student Patrol, Housing Security


  • Graduate Student Orientation Planning Team


  • “Celebrate Safely” campaign contributors


  • Shoeboxes/Stadium Suites custodial team


  • Student Affairs Business Operations


  • Residential Living

Partnership Award


  • Perryn Freeman, Undergraduate Admissions

Herb Coughlan Memorial Family of The Year

The Herb Coughlan Memorial Family of the Year is a special recognition given to a parent or family who has demonstrated dynamic leadership and service to Clemson University throughout their students’ time. The recipient of the award makes additional effort to support their student’s experience at Clemson while participating in the greater service leadership experience to the University as a whole.

Previous Winners

  • 2012- Wade and Melissa Allen
  • 2013- Eddie and Cynthia Robinson
  • 2014- John and Kathy Beaty
  • 2015- Jeff and Susan Busch
  • 2016- Shep and Cynthia Haw
  • 2017- Charles and Susan Barker
  • 2018- Tom and Kathy Reed
  • 2019- Roger and Kathy Troutman
  • 2020- Not awarded (due to COVID-19 modified operations)
  • 2021- Ed and Kelly Rose