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Faculty and Staff Profile

Jesse Moore

Associate Professor
Interim Department Chair

Office: Sirrine Hall 262B
Phone: 864-656-1086
Fax: 864-656-0138

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of South Florida 1997

MBA Management
Northern Arizona University 1992

BS Management
University of Richmond 1981

 Courses Taught

Professional Selling---Undergraduate and Graduate
Sales Management---Undergraduate and Graduate
Principles of Marketing---Undergraduate
Marketing Foundations---Graduate
Marketing Strategy---Undergraduate and Graduate
International Sport Marketing---Undergraduate
International Marketing---Undergraduate
International Studies---Undergraduate


1997 winner of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Sales SIG Doctoral Dissertation Award. Journal publications include the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Education, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, and Australian Marketing Journal. Conference publications include AMA Summer Educators Conference, Society for Marketing Advances, Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, and National Conference in Sales Management. Member of EJournal of Personal Selling and Sales Management Abstract Editorial Board. Ad Hoc reviewer for journals and conference proceedings.

 Research Interests

Research interests include social selling, atmospherics in sport marketing and advertising, consumer prestige shopping behavior, and consumer socialization among others.

 Research Publications

“Social Selling: A Comparison of Social Media Usage across Process Stage, Markets, and Sales Job Functions.” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, (Winter 2015), v. 23, n. 1, 1-20.

"Utilization of Relationship-Oriented Social Media in the Selling Process: A Comparison of Consumer (B2C) and Industrial Salespeople (B2B)," (January 2013) v. 12, 48-75.

“Guided Teaching of Complex Marketing Processes via Implementation of Learning Control Points,” Journal for the Advancement of Marketing Education, (Summer 2010) v. 16, 20-26.

"Benchmarking Publishing Activities of U.S. Colleges and Universities Across the Leading Journals - A Grouped Evaluation," Journal for Advancement in Marketing Education, (2008), 12, 19-31