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Faculty and Staff Profile

Sally Widener

Professor of Accounting

Office: Room 321
Phone: 656-1275

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Business Administration (Accounting)
University of Colorado at Boulder 1999

MSc Accounting
Colorado State University 1995

BBA (Summa Cum Laude) Accounting
University of Houston 1984

 Courses Taught

Cost Accounting (Undergraduate and MBA)
Contemporary Accounting and Management Control (Undergraduate)
Accounting for Entrepreneurs (MBA)
Management Control(MBA)
Introduction to Finanical Accounting (Undergraduate and MBA)
Controllership (Undergraduate and MSc)
Managerial Accounting (Undergraduate)


Sally K. Widener is a Professor of Accounting at Clemson University. Previously she was on the faculty at Rice University and Colorado State University. She holds a continuing position as visiting professor at Nyenrode Business University in The Netherlands and lectures internationally on her research. Since earning her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1999, Professor Widener has published in top journals including Journal of Accounting Research, Accounting, Organizations and Society and Contemporary Accounting Research. Her research is situated at the intersection of human behavior and management control systems. She received the David Solomons Prize from Management Accounting Research for the best paper published in 2006. Professor Widener is President of the ABO section of the American Accounting Association and serves as Editor of the Journal of Management Accounting Research and Associate Editor of the European Accounting Review. Previously, Professor Widener served as an associate editor of Behavioral Research in Accounting. Professor Widener has received several teaching awards including the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management Alumni Teaching in Excellence Award at Rice University. She is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas and a Certified Internal Auditor. Prior to earning her Ph.D. she spent twelve years working as an auditor with Price Waterhouse, in various internal audit and controllership positions with a Fortune 500 company, and in retail management.

 Research Publications

Selected Research Publications Since 2008

Burney, L., R.R. Radtke, and S.K. Widener. Forthcoming. The Intersection of 'Bad Apples,' 'Bad Barrels,' and the Enabling Use of Performance Measurement Systems. Journal of Information Systems In-Press.

Heinicke, A., T.W. Gunther, and S.K. Widener. 2016. An Examination of the Relationship between the extent of a Flexible Culture and the Levers of Control System: The role of Beliefs Control. Management Accounting Research 33: 25-41.

Kruis, A., R. Spekle, and S.K. Widener 2016. Balancing Control Structures: An Empirical Analysis of the Levers of Control Framework. Management Accounting Research 32: 27-44.

Lee, M., and S.K. Widener. 2016. The Performance Effects of Using Business Intelligence Systems for Exploitation and Exploration Learning. Journal of Information Systems 30:1-31.

Dalton, D., N. Harp, D. Oler, and S.K. Widener. 2016. Managing the Review Process in Accounting Research: Advice from the Trenches. Issues in Accounting Education 31: 235-252.

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Anderson, S., S. Baggett, and S.K. Widener. 2009. The Impact of Service Operations Failures on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence on How the Source of Failures Affects What Matters to Customers. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 11: 52-69.
(Honorable Mention, IBM Best Paper Award, Service Operations 2006 POMS Annual Research Conference)

Widener, S.K., M. Shackell, and E. Demers. 2008. The Juxtaposition of Social Surveillance Controls with Traditional Organizational Design Components. Contemporary Accounting Research 25: 605-638.

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