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Faculty and Staff Profile

Robert Tamura

Professor of Economics

Office: 220C
Phone: 6561242
Fax: 6564192
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
University of Chicago 1988

A.M. Economics
University of Chicago 1983

S.B. Math & Economics
College of William and Mary 1981

 Courses Taught

ECON 410: Economic Development
ECON 401: Labor Market Analysis
ECON 899: Economics of Innovation
ECON 915: Advanced Macroeconomics


I am professor of economics. I have previously taught at the University of Iowa, and Pepperdine University. I have also taught courses for International Christian University, Keio University, Catholic University Louvain la Neuve. My research interests are long run economic growth and development, fertility, human capital accumulation and economic organization.

 Research Interests

economic growth, fertility, human capital, economic organization

 Research Publications

Jerzmanowski, Michal, Tamura, Robert. "Directed Technological Change and Cross-Country Income Differences: A Quantitative Analysis," forthcoming Journal of Development Economics

Tamura, Robert, Dwyer, Gerald P., Devereux, John, Baier, Scott. "Economic Growth in the Long Run," Journal of Development Economics 137, 2019: 1-35.

Turner, Chad, Tamura, Robert, Simon, Curtis J., Mulholland, Sean. "Evidence on the Empirical Content of Dynastic Fertility Model - Derived Measures of Human Capital: Earnings of Whites and Blacks in the United States, 1940-2000," Journal of Human Capital 12, 2018: 385-430.

Tamura, Robert, Simon, Curtis, J. "Secular Fertility Declines, Baby Booms and Economic Growth: International Evidence," Macroeconomic Dynamics 21, 2017: 1601-1672.

Tamura, Robert, Simon, Curtis J., Murphy, Kevin M. "Black and White Fertility, Differential Baby Booms: The Value of Equal Education Opportunity," Journal of Demographic Economics 82, 2016: 27-109.

Baier, Scott L, Devereux, John, Dwyer, Gerald P., Tamura, Robert. "Recessions, Growth and Banking Crises," Journal of International Money & Finance, 38, 2013: 18-40.

Turner, Chad, Tamura, Robert, Mulholland, Sean. "How Important Are Human Capital, Physical Capital and Total Factor Productivity for Determining State Economic Growth in the United States, 1840-2000?" Journal of Economic Growth 18, 2013: 319-371.

Kendall, Todd, Tamura, Robert. "Unmarried Fertility, Crime and Social Stigma." Journal of Law & Economics 50, 2010: 269-308.

Canaday, Neil, Tamura, Robert. "White Discrimination in Provision of Black Education: Plantations and Towns." Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 33, 2009: 1490-1530.

Simon, Curtis J., Tamura, Robert. "Do Higher Rents Discourage Fertility? Evidence from U.S. Cities, 1940-2000." Regional Science & Urban Economics 39, 2009: 33-42.

Murphy, Kevin M., Simon, Curtis J., Tamura, Robert. "Fertility Decline, Baby Boom and Economic Growth." Journal of Human Capital 2, 2008: 262-302.

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Baier, Scott L., Dwyer, Gerald P, Tamura, Robert. "How Important Are Capital and Total Factor Productivity for Economic Growth?" Economic Inquiry 44, 2006: 23-49.

Tamura, Robert. "Human Capital and Economic Development," Journal of Development Economics 79, 2006: 26-72.


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