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Faculty and Staff Profile

Anastasia Thyroff

Assistant Professor Marketing

Office: 257 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-5295

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of Arkansas 2013

MMR Marketing Research
University of Georgia 2009

BS Marketing
Clemson University 2008

 Courses Taught

• Consumer Behavior
• Marketing Research
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Introduction to Marketing
• Thesis & Dissertation Advising


Anastasia Thyroff, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Clemson University, received her Masters in Marketing Research (MMR) from the University of Georgia and PhD. from the University of Arkansas. Dr. Thyroff researches complex market systems. Specifically, she analyzes consumers, culture, institutions and the markets they interact in. She's particularly interested in how consumers are impacted by market systems and the role of marketers in shaping and responding to market systems. Her three focus areas within market systems are sustainability, well-being, and market formation and evolution. Dr. Thyroff's research has appeared in many top business outlets including the Journal of Business Research, Academy of Marketing Science Review, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Consumer Affairs, and Marketing Theory. Some of her recent awards include: College of Business Dean’s Award for Student Engagement (2017), DSP Top Faculty Member (2016, 2015) The SMA Paper in Conference Award (2013), The SMA Solomon Best Paper in Buyer Behavior Track (2012), Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award (2012), and The Journal of Consumer Affairs Best Article Award (2011).

 Research Interests

• Market Systems
• Sustainability
• Well-Being
• Technology
• Critical Marketing

 Research Publications

Murray, Jeff, …Anastasia Thyroff, Mariella Zavala, Miguel Zuniga (forthcoming). Toward a Processual Theory of Transformation, Journal of Business Research.

Thyroff, Anastasia (forthcoming). Teaching Qualitative Marketing Research: An Experiential Approach, Marketing Education Review.

Thyroff, Anastasia, Jennifer C. Siemens and Brandon McAlexander (forthcoming). The Effects of Materialism, Personal Control, and Expectations on Well-being for Vulnerable Consumers during Major Life Transitions, Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Thyroff, Anastasia and William E. Kilbourne (2018). Self-Enhancement and Individual Competitiveness as Mediators in the Materialism /Quality of Life Relationship, Journal of Business Research 92, 189-196.

Thyroff, Anastasia, Jennifer C. Siemens and Jeff B. Murray (2018). Constructing a Theoretical Framework for the Process of Innovation Legitimation, Academy of Marketing Science Review 8, 180-194.

Kilbourne, William E., Michael J. Dorsch and Anastasia Thyroff (2018). Theorizing Materialism through the IAD Framework, Marketing Theory, 18(1), 55-74.

Thyroff, Anastasia and William E. Kilbourne (2017). Understanding Pro-Environmental Intentions through Growth, Competitiveness and Concern, Australasian Marketing Journal, 25(2), 97-105.

Kilbourne, William E. and Anastasia Thyroff (2016). Sustainable Marketing. In Marketing Theory: A Student Text, 3rd Edition, edited by Michael Saren and Michael Baker.

Thyroff, Anastasia, Jeff B. Murray and Russell W. Belk (2015). Research in Consumer Behavior: Consumer Culture Theory, (17). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Siemens, Jennifer C., Scott Smith, Dan Fisher, Anastasia Thyroff and Ginger Killian (2015). Level up! The Role of Progress Feedback Type for Encouraging Intrinsic Motivation and Positive Brand Attitudes in Public versus Private Gaming Contexts, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 32, 1-12. *Lead Article

Cho, Yoon-na, Anastasia Thyroff, Molly I. Rapert, Seong-Yeon Park and Hyun Ju Lee (2013). To Be or Not to Be Green: Exploring Individualism and Collectivism as Antecedents of Environmental Behavior, Journal of Business Research, 66(8), 1052-1059.

Tangari, Andrea H., Scot Burton, Elizabeth Howlett, Anastasia Thyroff and Yoon-na Cho (2010). Weighing In On Fast Food Consumption: The Effects of Meal and Calorie Disclosures on Consumer Fast Food Evaluations, Journal of Consumer Affairs, 44(3), 431-462. * Winner of JCA Best Article of the Year.

Thyroff, Anastasia, George Zinkhan, Anja Remple and Hongbum Kim (2010). Adding Goods and Services. In D. J. McCubbrey, Business Fundamentals, (270-287). Global Text Project.

+19 International and National Refereed Proceedings (since 2010)
+13 Formal Presentations, in addition to Proceedings (since 2010)


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