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Faculty and Staff Profile

Erica Walker

Assistant Professor

Office: Tillman G-05
Phone: 864-656-3654
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction
Clemson University 2016

MS Graphic Communications
Clemson University 2005

BFA Film Production
University of Colorado, Boulder 2000

 Courses Taught

Graphic Communications 1040, Graphic Communications I
Graphic Communications 2400, Intermediate Web Design & Development
Graphic Communications 3400, Digital Imaging & eMedia
Graphic Communications 4510, Advanced Web Design & Development
Graphic Communications 4510, Entrepreneurship in the Graphic Communications Industries
Graphic Communications 4900, The Design and Entrepreneurship Network (The DEN)
Graphic Communications 4900, Digital Media Design || Role: Curriculum Development
Graphic Communications 4900, Film and Video in the Digital Age || Role: Curriculum Development
Graphic Communications 4900, All Things Front End: UX || Role: Curriculum Development


Erica Walker has a diverse background in visual communications which includes feature film production, web design & development, print buying, marketing, and graphic design. As a faculty member in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, Erica teaches courses in Photography, Video, Web Development, and Entrepreneurship. In the last two years, she has also developed multiple new courses including one focused on Entrepreneurship in the Graphic Comm industries.

Prior to becoming a faculty member at Clemson University, Erica co-founded a film production company, Galatia Films, where she wore diverse hats including development of marketing and distribution plans, creation and management of print and digital assets, and managing diverse creative teams. Two of her larger projects with Galatia Films include a feature length documentary film and an educational television series for children.

Outside the classroom, Erica speaks at conferences across the country on a variety of topics including Adobe applications, curriculum development, mixed methods classroom research, the entrepreneurial mindset, game-based learning, color management, and social marketing. One of her current research interests is the impact of using real world challenges in the classroom to prepare graduates with both hard skills and 21st Century Skills as they prepare to enter the industry.

In December 2016, Erica completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at Clemson University. Her dissertation titled- Opportunities for Innovation: Games-based Learning in Engineering Senior Design- was published in a traditional format and online as a website with videos and open educational resources.

 Research Interests

Current research projects include:
- The impact of partnering an industry adjunct instructor with an academic curriculum developer to supplement departmental curriculum and better prepare students for life within select industries
- Impact of teaching methods on student learning of both course content and 21st Century Skills
- Real World Project-Based Learning, Game-Based Learning
- Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset
- Color Management across all media including digital devices

 Research Publications

E. Walker, B. Przestrzelski, J.D. DesJardins, “Re-Designing the Senior Design Classroom
Experience with Game-Based Learning”. Advances in Engineering Education. In review.

Walker, Erica B., "Opportunities for Innovation: Game-based Learning in an Engineering Senior Design Course" (2016). All Dissertations. 1805.

E. Walker, B. Przestrzelski, J.D. DesJardins, “Wheels Up, Flaps Down. Let's Fly.: 21st Century Skills to help students take flight”, a Workshop presented at the 2017 VentureWell OPEN conference, March 24-27, 2017, Washington, DC. Honors College Travel Award, $500

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Walker, E.B., Edlein, S.A., & Barrett, D.E, (2015) Buying W2P: What Happened to My Color? Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) Journal.

Walker, E.B., Edlein, S.A., & Barrett, D.E, (2015) White Paper: Buying From Web2Print Storefronts: Color Managed or Caveat Emptor? Printing Industries of America.


Dissertation website