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Faculty and Staff Profile

Ryan R. Mullins

Associate Professor of Marketing

Office: 255 Sirrine
Phone: 864-656-5292

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of Houston 2012

M.S. Business Administration
Texas A&M University 2008

B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Texas A&M University 2005

 Courses Taught

Introduction to Professional Selling
Introduction to Technical Selling
Advanced Professional Selling
Sales Management
MBA - Sales Leadership


Dr. Ryan Mullins is an associate professor of Marketing at Clemson University. Dr. Mullins is working on research projects related to sales force performance, branding, team selling, customer relationship management, and sales leadership. Ryan’s work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Industrial Marketing Management, and the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. Ryan's research has also received great acclaim across the field including the Neil Rackham Research Grant, James M. Comer FInalist for Best Contribution to Sales Theory, the AMA Excellence in Sales Research, as well as other distinguished awards. Dr. Mullins also serves the field through his associations with marketing journals across domains. Ryan actively serves on the editorial review boards at the Journal of Service Research and the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management. In addition, he serves as an ad-hoc reviewer at several marketing journals and is a guest co-editor for a special issue on selling teams at Industrial Marketing Management.

As part of Clemson’s Sales Program, Ryan bridges the gap between students, research, and practice through work on relevant sales force issues in industry. Integrating his work into the classroom, Dr. Mullins teaches Introduction to Professional Selling, Advanced Selling, and Sales Management at the undergraduate level, and also teaches Sales Leadership at the MBA level.

Before coming to Clemson, Ryan worked as an engineer for Boeing as marketing liaison between engineering performance testing and the sales/marketing teams. After coming back to get his MBA, Ryan pursued his Ph.D. at the University of Houston where he focused his work on sales and sales management research.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids in the Greenville, SC community where they live.

 Research Interests

Ryan's research interests include sales force management, team selling, frontline employee performance, as well as branding.

 Research Publications

Mullins, Ryan R. and Nikolaos Panagopoulos (forthcoming), "Understanding the Theory and Practice of Team Selling: An Introduction to the Special Section and Recommendations on Advancing Sales Team Research," Industrial Marketing Management.

Hall, Zachary R., Ryan R. Mullins, Niladri Syam and Jeffrey P. Boichuk (2017), "Generating and Sharing of Market Intelligence in Sales Teams: A Social Economic Perspective," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 37(4), 298-312.

Ogilvie, Jessica, Adam A. Rapp, Daniel G. Bachrach, Ryan Mullins & Jaron Harvey (2017), "Do sales and service compete? The impact of multiple psychological climates on frontline employee performance," Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 37(1), 11-26.

Bachrach, Daniel G., Ryan R. Mullins, and Adam A. Rapp (2017), "Intangible Sales Team Resources: Investing in Social Capital and Transactive Memory for Market-Driven Behavior, Norms, and Performance," Industrial Marketing Management, 62(April), 88-99.

Mullins, Ryan R., Daniel G. Bachrach, Adam A. Rapp, Dhruv Grewal, and Lauren Bietelspacher (2015), “You Don’t Always Get What You Want and You Don’t Always Want What You Get: An Examination of Control-Desire for Control Congruence in Transactional Relationships,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 100(4), 1073-88.

Mullins, Ryan R., Michael Ahearne, Son K. Lam, Zachary R. Hall, and Jeffrey P. Boichuk (2014), "Know Your Customer: How Salesperson Perceptions of Customer Relationship Quality Form and Impact Account Profitability," Journal of Marketing, 78(6), 38-58.

Rapp, Tammy, Dan Bachrach, Adam A. Rapp, and Ryan Mullins (2014), "The Role of Team Goal Monitoring in the Curvilinear Relationship between Team Efficacy and Team Performance," Journal of Applied Psychology, 99(5), 976-87.

Baker, Tom, Adam A. Rapp, Tracy Meyer, and Ryan Mullins (2014), “The Role of Brand Communications on Frontline Service Employee Beliefs, Behaviors, and Performance,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 42(6), 642-57.

Mullins, Ryan and Niladri Syam (2014), "Manager-Salesperson Congruence in Customer Orientation and Job Outcomes: The Bright and Dark Sides of Leadership in Aligning Values," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 34(3), 188-205.

Lam, Son K., Mike Ahearne, Ryan Mullins, Babak Hayati, and Neils Schillewaert (2013) “What Sizzles May Turn Brittle: Examination of the Antecedents to Consumer Brand Identification,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 41(2), 234-52.

Weinstein, Luke and Ryan Mullins (2012), “Technology Usage and Sales Teams: A Multilevel Analysis of the Antecedents of Usage,“ Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 32(2), 245-59.


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