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Faculty and Staff Profile

Sukran Atadeniz


Office: 147 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864 656 2685

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Industrial Management
Clemson University 1993

M.Sc. Industrial Management
Clemson University 1986

B.A. Accounting & Finance
Bogazici University 1983

 Courses Taught

Clemson University
• Analytics & Statistical Modeling for Managerial Decision Making - graduate
• Business Modeling, Analytics, and Problem Solving - undergraduate
• Statistical Analysis of Business Operations – undergraduate

Széchenyi István University, Hungary, Doctoral Program in Management, March-April 2017
• Supply Chain Management

Yeditepe University (Fall 2012 – present)
• Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) – graduate
• Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) - undergraduate
• Research Methods II - graduate
• Supply Chain Management – graduate and executive
• Supply Chain and Logistic Management - undergraduate
• Total Quality Management - graduate
• Introduction to Marketing Management – undergraduate

Istanbul Kemerburgaz University (Spring 2012)
• Enterprise Resource Management II, SAP Corporate Master Program, Social Sciences Institute.
• Enterprise Resource Management I , SAP Corporate Master Program, Social Sciences Institute.

Marmara University (Spring 2010)
• Doctoral Seminar, Dept. of Industrial Engineering

Bahcesehir University (Spring 2009 – Spring 2011)
• Operations Research - undergraduate
• Principles of Engineering Management - graduate
• Supply Chain and Logistics Management – undergraduate
• Production Planning and Control - undergraduate
• Quality Management - graduate

University of Houston (1993-2007)
• Manufacturing Control Systems – undergraduate
• Manufacturing Control Systems – graduate
• Supply Chain Management – undergraduate
• Supply Chain Management – graduate
• Operations Management – undergraduate
• Operations Management – graduate
• Operations Management – executive MBA course
• Operations Management in Health Care (Executive MBA for health care professionals)
• Enterprise Resource Planning – undergraduate
• Enterprise Resource Planning – graduate
• Quality Management – undergraduate
• Quality Management – graduate
• Business Forecasting - undergraduate
• Doctoral Seminar –Simulation
• Doctoral Seminar – Selected Literature Review
• Doctoral Seminar – Inventory Models


Sukran N. Atadeniz (formerly Kadipasaoglu) received her BA degree in Accounting and Finance from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 1983. After working as a financial analyst in one of the international banks in Turkey for two years, she moved to the USA to attend graduate school and received her MS and PhD degrees from Clemson University in South Carolina in 1987 and 1993, respectively. She joined the faculty at the Decision and Information Sciences Department, C.T. Bauer College of Business, University of Houston from 1993 to 2008. After her promotion to Associate Professor in 1999, she went on sabbatical to work as Supply Chain Consultant at Aspen Technology in Houston. After returning to the University of Houston in 2001, she continued to consult on contract with Aspen Technology Inc. for another year. In 2002, she initiated the Supply Chain Research Center, which she directed until 2008 at the University of Houston. In Houston, she also served as V.P. of Education of the Houston Chapter of the American Production and Inventory Management Society (APICS), which later merged with the Supply Chain Council in 2014. In January 2009, Sukran N. Atadeniz returned to Istanbul, received Professorship at Bahcesehir University where she served as Chair of the Industrial Engineering Department. In February 2011, she moved to the position of Dean of the School of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Istanbul Kemerburgaz University. Later, in 2012, she transferred to Yeditepe University where she currently served as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences from April 2013 to February 31st, 2017. From October 2013 to April 2015 she also served as Vice President of Yeditepe University. After her return to Istanbul, Sukran N. Atadeniz served as the Honorary Chair of the HR Logistics Conference in 2009, was the founding V.P. of the Round Table of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (2009-2010), and chaired the European Decision Science Institute (EDSI) 2012 Conference in Istanbul. She served as President of the European Decision Science Institute from July 2012 to June 2013, and has been an active member of the EDSI Executive Committee up to date, and served as an active member of its Parent Organization in the USA, the Decision Sciences Institute as members of the DSI Marketing Committee and the Global Affairs Committee. Sukran N. Atadeniz’s research areas include Operations Management, Production Planning & Control, Quality Management and, more recently, Supply Chain Management. She published her work in the International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Operations Management, Computers and Industrial Engineering, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, International Journal of Quality and Productivity Management, International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, Industrial Management and Data Systems, and the Production and Inventory Management Journal. She actively participated/organized academic conferences and workshops held in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. During her sabbatical work, Sukran N Atadeniz worked as consultant to supply chain optimization projects of various global firms, received training on the SCOR model of the Supply Chain Council in USA, gained experience on Supply Chain IT and decision support systems with Aspen Technology’s proprietary supply chain optimization software, and on SAP ERP Business Suite from SAP America and SAP Germany. She served as SAP University Alliance Coordinator at the University of Houston for 8 years, at Bahcesehir University for 2 years, and at Yeditepe University for over 3 years. She holds the SAP TERP10 certification and serves as a jury member for SAP EMEA quality awards. Sukran N Atadeniz returned to the USA to join the faculty in the Management Department of Clemson University.

 Research Interests

Supply Chain Management
Operations Management
Manufacturing Planning and Control
Manufacturing and Service Quality Management

 Research Publications

Acar, Y., Atadeniz, S.N., “Comparison of Integrated and Local Planning Approaches for the Supply Network of a Globally-Dispersed Enterprise”, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 167, No. 5, September 2015, Pages 204–219.

Acar, Y., Kadipasaoglu, S. N., and Schipperijn, P., “A Decision Support Framework for Global Supply Chain Modelling: Assessment of the Impact of Demand, Supply and Lead-time Uncertainties on Performance", International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 48, No. 11, 1 June 2010, 3245–3268.

Acar, Y., Kadipasaoglu, S.N., Day, J., “Incorporating Uncertainty in Optimal Decision Making: Integrating Mixed Integer Programming and Simulation to Solve Combinatorial Problems”, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol. 56, 106–112, 2009.

Kadipasaoglu, S.N., Captain, J. and James, M. “Polymer Supply Chain Management”, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol. 4, No. 2, 233-253, 2008.