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Faculty and Staff Profile

Scott Templeton

Associate Professor

Office: 207 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-6680
Fax: 864-656-4192

 Educational Background

1994 University of California at Berkeley
Agricultural and Resource Economics Ph.D.

1987 University of California at Santa Cruz
Applied Economics M.S.

1983 University of California at Santa Cruz
Economics B.A.

 Courses Taught

Applied Mathematical Economics
Creative Inquiry into Economic Development in Haiti
Dynamic Optimization with Economic Applications
Economics of Environmental Quality
Environmental Economics
Managerial Economics
Microeconomics for Public Policy
Natural Resource Use, Technology, and Policy
Seminar in Natural Resource Economics


I have worked at Clemson University since July 2000. In my sixteen years here I have taught courses in environmental and natural resource economics, managerial economics, microeconomics for public policy, environmental sustainability, applied mathematical economics, dynamic optimization with economic applications, and introductory statistics. My research interests focus on adoption of institutional and technical innovations that affect environmental quality, dynamic efficiency, sustainable development, and regional economics of agriculture, which includes environmental horticulture. I have coordinated the MS program in Applied Economics and Statistics since Aug. 2011.

 Research Interests

I currently conduct or have recently conducted economic research in six broad areas: 1) farmer use of climate information, irrigation, and crop insurance to reduce risks and improve yields, 2) economic experiments to test for dynamic efficiency of the use of non-renewable resources 3) economic vulnerability of coastal communities to infrastructural damages from sea level rise and related risk management 4) urban forestry, golf-course management, yard care, 5) costs of stream restoration, and 6) adoption of technologies and compliance with regulations that control soil erosion or stormwater runoff.

 Research Publications

Templeton, S., M. Shane Perkins, William C. Bridges, Jr., Heather Dinon Aldridge, and Bridget Robinson Lassiter. 2014. Usefulness and Uses of Climate Forecasts for Agricultural Extension in South Carolina, USA. Regional Environmental Change 14 (2, April): 645-655.

Templeton, S., William Sessions, Liv Haselbach, Wallace Campbell, and John C. Hayes. 2010. What Explains the Incidence of the Use of a Common Sediment Control on Lots with Houses under Construction? Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 42 (1, February): 57-68.

Templeton, S., S. J. Yoo, David Zilberman, and Andrew L. Dabalen. 2008. Household Use of Agricultural Chemicals for Pest-Soil Management and Own Labor for Yard Work. Environmental and Resource Economics 40 (1, May): 91-108

Hur, Jin, Mark A. Schlautman, S. Templeton, Tanju Karanfil, Christopher J. Post, John A. Smink, Megan Goddard, Hocheol Song, Stephen J. Klaine, and John C. Hayes. 2008. Does Current Management of Stormwater Runoff from Construction Sites Adequately Protect Water Resources in Urbanizing Watersheds? Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 63 (2, March-April): 77-90.