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Faculty and Staff Profile

Jason Thatcher

Director, Social Analytics Institute

Office: 117 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-3751
Fax: 864-656-2011
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Business Administration
Florida State University 2002

M.P.A. Public Administration
Florida State University 1999

B.A. History
University of Utah 1994

B.S. Political Science
University of Utah 1999

 Courses Taught

MGT 318 - Introduction to Information Systems
MGT 415 - Strategic Management
MGT 430 - Special Topics: Entrepreneurship
MGT 455 - Emerging Technologies
MBA 861 - Information Systems
MBA 870 - Strategic Management


Jason Thatcher holds degrees in History (Cum Laude) and Political Science (Cum Laude) from the University of Utah as well as a M.P.A. from the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the College of Business at Florida State University. Dr. Thatcher is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and the PhD Project. He was a participant in the 2001 ICIS Doctoral Student Consortium. Dr. Thatcher teaches courses in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Strategic Management. Prior to joining Clemson University, he won a teaching award at Florida State University. Dr. Thatcher won the College of Business and Behavioral Science 2008 Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award at Clemson University. He is a member of the Circle of Compadres for contributions to mentoring minority Ph.D. students in Information Systems and related STEM disciplines.

 Research Interests

Dr. Thatcher's research examines the influence of individual beliefs and characteristics on adaptive and maladaptive uses of information technology. He also studies strategic and human resource management issues related to the effective application of information technologies in organizations. His work appears, or is scheduled to appear, in MIS Quarterly (5 times), Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the AIS (3 times), European Journal of Information Systems (4 times), Journal of Strategic Information Systems (2 times), IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (5 times), ACM Transactions on Information Systems, Journal of Management, American Review of Public Administration, the Journal of Applied Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Dr. Thatcher won the College of Business and Behavioral Science 2006 Emerging Scholar Research Award and 2012 Senior Scholar Research Award at Clemson University. His work has been funded by grants or gifts in kind from the National Science Foundation, National Parks Service,, and IBM.

 Research Publications

29. Lankton, N., McKnight, J.B., Wright, R., and Thatcher, J.B., (Conditionally Accepted). “Incorporating Trust-in- Technology into Expectation Disconfirmation Theory.” Information Systems Research.

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15. Chin, W., Thatcher, J.B., Wright, R. (2012). “Assessing Common Method Bias: Evaluating the ULMC Technique.” MIS Quarterly. 36(3): 1003-1019.
*Author order alphabetical - all authors contributed equally.

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VP of Membership - Association for Information Systems
Associate Editor - European Journal of Information Systems
Senior Editor - MIS Quarterly
The PhD Project