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Faculty and Staff Profile

Lucy Chernykh

Assistant Professor

Office: 324-C Sirrine Hall
Phone: (864) 656 4950

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Finance
Drexel University

 Courses Taught

Financial Institutions and Markets
Management of Financial Institutions
Financial Management II


Dr. Lucy Chernykh is an assistant professor of finance at Clemson University. She has previously held position as a tenured associate professor of finance at Bowling Green State University. Lucy received a Ph.D. in finance from Drexel University. Her research focuses on international finance, with primary interest in emerging market banking and corporate control models. She has published articles in the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Corporate Finance and the Journal of Banking and Finance and has also won several research and teaching awards. Dr. Chernykh has served as an international area Track Chair for the Eastern Finance Association and Southern Finance Association. Since 2013, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Finance Association.

 Research Interests

Emerging Markets Banking and Finance

 Research Publications

Chernykh, Lucy (2008). "Ultimate Ownership and Control in Russia," Journal of Financial Economics 88, 169-192.

Chernykh, Lucy and Rebel A. Cole (2011). "Does Deposit Insurance Improve Financial Intermediation? Evidence from the Russian Experiment," Journal of Banking and Finance 35, 388-402.

Chernykh, Lucy and Alexandra K. Theodossiou (2011). “Determinants of Bank Long-Term Lending Behavior: Evidence from Russia,” Multinational Finance Journal 15, 193-216.

Chernykh, Lucy (2011). "Profit or Politics? Understanding Renationalizations in Russia," Journal of Corporate Finance 17, 1237-1253.

Chernykh, Lucy (2014). "Dwarf Banks," Journal of Banking and Finance 38, 31-40.

Chernykh, Lucy and Rebel A. Cole (2015). "How Should We Measure Bank Capital Adequacy for Triggering Prompt Corrective Action? A (Simple) Proposal," Journal of Financial Stability, forthcoming

"Offshore Schemes and Tax Evasion: The Role of Banks," with Sergey Mityakov (2nd round review at the Journal of Financial Economics)
“Bank Bailouts with On-site Monitors: Evidence from a Regulatory Experiment” (revise and resubmit at the Review of Finance)
“Resolution of a Bad Loan Problem: Bank-level Evidence from Bangladesh,” with Abu Amin and Osman Mahmood Imam (under review)