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Faculty and Staff Profile

Philip Roth


Office: 148 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 656-1039
Fax: 656-2015

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
University of Houston 1988

M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
University of Houston 1985

BA Economics/Psychology/College Scholars
University of Tennessee 1981

 Courses Taught

Intermediate Business Statistics (MGT 310)
Organizational Behavior (MGT 400)
Personnel Interviewing (MGT 435)


Phil teaches courses in the area of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a member of the Academy of Management. He is past chair of the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.

 Research Interests

Phil is interested in content areas such as organizational staffing, gender issues in organizations, and the impact of social media in organizations. His current research methods interests focus on the application of meta-analysis in various aspects of business.

 Research Publications

Roth, P. L, Switzer, F. S., Van Iddekinge, C. H., & Oh, I. S. (in press). Toward better meta-analytic matrices: How input values can affect research conclusions in human resource management simulations. Personnel Psychology.

Van Iddekinge, C. H., Roth, P. L, Putka, D., &. Lanovich, S. (in press). Are you interested? A meta-analysis of relations between vocational interests and employee performance and turnover. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Huffcutt, A. I., Van Iddekinge, C. H., & Roth, P. L.(in press). Development of a conceptual model of interviewee performance. Human Resource Management Review.

Van Iddekinge, C.,H., Roth, P. L., Raymark, P., & Odle-Dusseau, H. (in press). The criterion-related validity of integrity tests: An updated meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Roth, P. L., Purvis, K. L., & Bobko, P. (in press). A meta-analysis of standardized gender group differences in job performance for field studies. Journal of Management.

Roth, P.L., Buster, M. A., & Bobko, P. (2011). Trainability tests and Black-White subgroup differences: Limitations of the literature and empirical results. Journal of Applied Psychology. 96, 34-45.

Roth, P.L., Buster, M.A., & Barnes-Farrell, J. (2010). Gender differences in work samples exams: The importance of self-construal, social skills, and writing skills for. International Journal of Selection & Assessment, 18, 117-130.

Bobko, P., Roth, P.L., & Buster, M. A. (2008). Systematic approach for assessing the
recency of job-analytic information. Public Personnel Administration. 37, 261-277.

Roth, P.L., Bobko, P., McFarland, L.A., & Buster, M. A. (2008). Work sample test ethnic group differences in personnel selection: A meta-analysis of overall and exercise scores. Personnel Psychology, 61, 635-659.

Potosky, D., Bobko, P., & Roth, P.L. (2008). Some comments on pareto thinking, test validity, and adverse impact: When “and” is optimal and “or” is a trade-off. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 16, 201-205.

Dean, M., Roth, P.L., & Bobko, P. (2008). Ethnic and gender subgroup differences in assessment center ratings: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, 685-691.