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Faculty and Staff Profile

Roopa Raman

Assistant Professor

Office: 132D Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-3755
Fax: 864-656-2015

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Business Administration
Emory University 2008

M.S. Pharmacology
University of California Los Angeles 2000

University of South Carolina 2002

B.Sc. Chemistry
University of Calcutta, India 1993

 Courses Taught

Management of Information Systems
Systems Implementation
Business Analysis (Systems Analysis and Design)


Roopa Raman is Assistant Professor of management within the ‘Management Information Systems’ (MIS) emphasis area at the Department of Management, College of Business and Behavioral Science, Clemson University. She received her Ph.D. degree from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Her research interests include information technology-enabled change in healthcare, social network analysis, and knowledge management, with a particular emphasis on how social structure and individual as well as organizational behavior impact healthcare work practices in an IT-enabled world. Roopa’s research has been published in journals such as Organization Science and International Journal of Person-Centered Medicine.

 Research Interests

Healthcare information management
Social network analysis
Knowledge management
The role of social structure and individual as well as organizational behavior in shaping healthcare work practices in an IT-enabled world

 Research Publications

Grover, V., Raman, R. and Stubblefield, A. 2013. "What Affects Citation Counts in MIS Research Articles? An Empirical Investigation." forthcoming in Communications of the Association for Information Systems.

Grover, V., Sabherwal, R., Raman, R. and Gokhale, R. A. 2013. "Information Politics: Strategies and Counterstrategies." forthcoming in International Journal of Information Systems and Management.

Raman, R. and Bharadwaj, A. 2012. “Power Differentials and Performative Deviation Paths in Practice Transfer: The Case of Evidence-Based Medicine.” Organization Science, 23 (6), 1593-1621.

Raman, R. 2011. “Evidence-Based Medicine and Patient-Centered Care: Cross-Disciplinary Challenges and Healthcare Information Technology-Enabled Solutions,” International Journal of Person-Centered Medicine, 1 (2): 279-294.

Raman, R. 2008. “Social Networks and Adaptability to IT-Enabled Change: The Case of Healthcare Information Technologies,” PhD Dissertation, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Goizueta Business School, Emory University.

Raman, R. and Grover, V. 2005. “Communicating the Value of Uncertain Information Technology Investments Using an Options Approach,” International Journal of Business Information Systems, 1 (1/2): 129-148.

Raman, R. 2000. “Possible Mechanisms by which Androgens Mediate Proliferation of an Androgen-Dependent Prostate Cancer Cell Line, LNCaP.FGC,” Master’s Thesis, Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, University of California Los Angeles.