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Faculty and Staff Profile

Robert Tollison

J. Wilson Newman Professor

Office: 200 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-0483
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
University of Virginia 1969

M.A. Economics
University of Alabama 1965

B.A. Economics
Wofford College 1964

 Courses Taught

Antitrust Economics
Economic Theory of Government Regulation
Principles of Economics
Public Choice


Dr. Tollison is known as a mentor to undergraduate and graduate students alike. At last count he has directed 42 doctoral dissertations at Texas A&M, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, George Mason University, and Clemson University. He also served as dissertation reader on more than 40 other dissertations and countless masters theses. Bob has also served as the Director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission, during President Reagan’s first term in office. His colleagues long ago recognized his influence on the economics profession by electing him President of the Southern Economic Association. His expertise is sought-after in major antitrust cases and he has also testified before Congress and the Senate.

 Research Interests

Political Economy
Public Choice

 Research Publications

Economic Origins of Christianity (with R. Ekelund) (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2011).

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