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Faculty and Staff Profile

Stephanie Southworth

Senior Lecturer

Office: 134 Brackett Hall
Phone: 656-3818

 Educational Background

PhD Public Policy
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2008

MA Sociology
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2004

BA Sociology
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2001

 Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Urban Sociology
Sociology of Education

 Research Interests

Education, Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Social Problems

 Research Publications

Southworth, Stephanie. “Sedimentation” and “Sundown Towns.” Entries in
Race and Racism in the United States: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia.
Cameron Lippard and Mark Gallagher (eds). Greenwood Press.

Moller, Stephanie, Elizabeth Stearns, Stephanie Southworth, Stephanie Potochnick. “Changing Course: The Gender Gap in College Selectivity and Opportunities to Learn in the High School.” Gender and Education.

Mickelson, Roslyn, Martha Bottia, and Stephanie Southworth. “School
Choice and Segregation by Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Achievement.” In
Exploring the School Choice Universe: Evidence and Recommendations.
Gary Miron, Kevin Welner, Patricia Hinchey, William Mathis (eds).
Information Age Publishing.

Moller, Stephanie, Elizabeth Stearns, Stephanie Potochnick, Stephanie
Southworth. “Student Achievement and College Selectivity: How Changes in
Achievement During High School Affect the Selectivity of College
Attended.” Youth and Society. 43(2): 639-663.

Southworth, Stephanie. “Examining the Effects of School Composition on
North Carolina Student Achievement Over Time.” Educational Policy Analysis
Archives, 18(29).

Stearns, Elizabeth, Stephanie Moller, Stephanie Potochnick and Stephanie
Southworth. “High School Course of Study and Post-Secondary Institutional
Selectivity.” Research in Higher Education, 51(4): 366-95.

Mickelson, Roslyn, Stephen Smith and Stephanie
Southworth.“Resegregation, Achievement, and the Chimera of Choice in
Post-Unitary Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.” In From the Courtroom to
the Classroom: The Shifting Landscape of School Desegregation. Claire E.
Smrekar and Ellen B. Goldring (eds). Harvard University Press.