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Faculty and Staff Profile

Sarah Winslow


Office: Brackett 135A
Phone: 864-656-3819
Fax: 864-656-1252

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Sociology
University of Pennsylvania 2006

M.A. Sociology
University of Pennsylvania 2002

B.A. Psychology-Sociology and Women\\\\\\\'s Studies
Skidmore College 2000

 Courses Taught

Who Gets What and Why?
Sociology of Sex and Gender
Introduction to Sociology
Marriage and Intimacy


My research and teaching interests focus on gender, paid labor, and family. My work has been published in the Gender & Society; Journal of Marriage and Family; Journal of Family Issue; Community, Work, and Family; and the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. I currently have two active streams of research. The first examines trends in faculty members’ preferred and actual time allocations to teaching and research, as well as the relationship between time allocation mismatches (i.e. the extent to which one allocates his or her time according to his or her preferences), job satisfaction, and attrition and turnover intentions among academic faculty, with special attention to how these relationships may be gender-differentiated. The second (co-authored with Rebecca Joyce Kissane at Lafayette College) uses original data from an online survey and in-depth interviews to examine gender differences and similarities in fantasy sports, exploring men’s and women’s motivations for participating in fantasy sports, the outcomes of their fantasy sports play, and their experiences as fantasy sports participants. I currently serve as the Interim Director for the National Scholars Program and Faculty-in-Residence for the Calhoun Honors College Living-Learning Community.

 Research Interests

gender, paid labor, the family, work-family intersections

 Research Publications

Davis, Shannon N., Sarah Winslow, and David Maume (Eds). Gender In(equality): Stalled Revolutions and Shifting Terrains in the 21st Century. Under contract, University of California Press.

Walzer, Susan and Sarah Winslow. Forthcoming. “Motherhood.” In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (Second Edition), edited by George Ritzer.

Winslow, Sarah. 2013. “Spousal Income Inequality.” In The Interface of Work and Family, edited by Stephen Sweet. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Winslow, Sarah. 2011. “Marital Conflict and the Duration of Wives’ Income Advantage.” International Journal of Sociology of the Family 37(2): 203 – 225.

Winslow, Sarah. 2010. “Gender Inequality and Time Allocations among Academic Faculty.” Gender & Society 24(6).

Winslow-Bowe, Sarah. 2009. “Husbands’ and Wives’ Relative Earnings: Exploring Variation by Race, Human Capital, Labor Supply, and Life Stage.” Journal of Family Issues 30(10): 1405 - 1432.

Winslow-Bowe, Sarah. 2009. “Spousal Wage Gaps: Income Disparities in Couples.” In Work and Family Encyclopedia, edited by Stephen Sweet and Judith Casey. Chestnut Hill, MA: Sloan Work and Family Research Network.