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Faculty and Staff Profile

Yann Ferrand

Assistant Professor

Office: 131-A Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864-656-6321
Fax: 864-656-2015

 Educational Background

PhD Business Administration
University of Cincinnati 2012

MS Quantitative Analysis
University of Cincinnati 2007

MBA Operations Management
University of Cincinnati 2005

BS Business Administration
Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Toulouse, France 2003

 Courses Taught

Operations Management
Global Supply Chain Management


Yann Ferrand is an Assistant Professor in the area of Supply Chain and Operations Management in the Department of Management. Prior to joining Clemson University, Yann was a PhD candidate in Operations Management in the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati, where he also earned his Masters in Quantitative Analysis and his MBA. Yann has taught undergraduate courses in Operations Management and in Project Management at the University of Cincinnati. Yann’s primary research interests include health care operations and management, especially as it pertains to flexible capacity management. Partnering with Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center, and with the Mayfield Clinic & Spine Institute in Cincinnati, Yann secured over $10,000 in research funding for work on physicians scheduling, patient flow, and patient scheduling projects. His research has appeared or is forthcoming in operations journals including Interfaces. He has also worked and published papers on several economic and statistical studies related to the pharmaceutical industry. He is a member of the INFORMS and POMS.

 Research Interests

Yann’s primary research interests include health care operations and management, especially as it pertains to flexible capacity management. Specifically, Yann investigates how to deploy hospital resources such as physicians and nurses, to achieve operating efficiency and responsiveness, using operations management as a research framework. Yann is also interested in health economics and outcomes.

 Research Publications

Referred Articles:
• Ward M.J., Y. Ferrand, L.F. Laker, C.M. Froehle, T.J. Vogus, R.S. Dittus, S. Kripalani, J.M. Pines (2014), “The Nature and Necessity of Operational Flexibility in the Emergency Department,” Annals of Emergency Medicine; In press, accepted August 2014
• Ferrand Y., M. Magazine, U. Rao (2014), “Partially Flexible Operating Rooms For Elective and Emergency Surgeries,” Decision Sciences Journal; In press, accepted January 2014.
• Ferrand Y., M. Magazine, U. Rao (2014), “Efficient and Responsive Management of Operating Rooms - A Literature Survey,” IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering; 4(1) 49-64
• Ferrand Y., M. Magazine, U. Rao, T. Glass (2011), “Building Cyclic Schedules for Emergency Department Physicians,” Interfaces; 41(6) 512-533
• Ferrand Y., C.M.L. Kelton, J.J. Guo, M. Levy, Y. Yu (2011), “Using Time-Series Intervention Analysis to Understand Medicaid Expenditures on Antidepressant Drugs” Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 7(1): 64-80
• Ferrand Y., C.M.L. Kelton, K. Chen, H.A. Stafford (2009), "Biotechnology in Cincinnati: Clustering or Colocation?" Economic Development Quarterly, 23(2): 127-140
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Referred Conference Proceedings:
• Ferrand Y., M. Magazine, U. Rao, “Comparing Two Operating-Room-Allocation Policies for Elective and Emergency Surgeries,” Proceedings of the 2010 Winter Simulation Conference, Baltimore MD, December 5-8, 2010
• Raturi A., B. Bischescu, Y. Ferrand, R. Apana, “The Antecedents and Consequences of Plant Closing Announcement,” Proceedings of the POMS 20th Annual Conference, Orlando FL, May 1-4, 2009