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Faculty and Staff Profile

Andrew Whitehead

Assistant Professor

Office: 130F Brackett Hall
Phone: (864) 656-2026
Fax: (864) 656-1252

 Educational Background

Ph.D Sociology
Baylor University 2012

M.A. Sociology
Baylor University 2009

B.A. Psychology
Purdue University 2005

 Courses Taught

Research Methods (SOC 3020)
Sociology of Religion (SOC 4320)


Professionally, I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Clemson University interested in how religion both affects and is affected by all other aspects of life. My work has been published in a variety of outlets including the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Social Science Quarterly, the Journal of Family Issues, and the Sociology of Religion, among others. After earning my PhD but before arriving at Clemson, I directed the U.S. Congregational Life Survey housed at the PC(USA) Center in Louisville, KY, and taught as an Assistant Professor of Sociology in Mobile, AL. I am also a Senior Research Associate with the ARDA, an online religion data archive ( Personally, I adore my wife and our three children. I enjoy being active outdoors (usually in the form of either running, biking, and swimming, and sometimes all three consecutively) and watching/following all sorts of sports.

 Research Interests

Religion, organizations, gender, sexuality, family consequences for children with disabilities

Taken as a whole, my research focuses on the intersection of religion with other social institutions such as the family, gender, and sexuality. Using data at the individual and organizational levels my research works to integrate insights from the sociology of religion with other fields of social science.

 Research Publications

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2014. “Male and Female He Created Them: Gender Traditionalism, Masculine Images of God, and Attitudes toward Same-Sex Unions.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53(3):479-496.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2014. “Politics, Religion, Attribution Theory, and Attitudes toward Same-Sex Unions.” Social Science Quarterly 95(3):701-718.

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Sam Perry. 2014. “Religion and Attitudes toward Adoption by Same-Sex Couples: The Relative Effects of Religious Tradition, Practices, and Beliefs.” Journal of Family Issues DOI: 10.1177/0192513X14536564.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2013. “Gendered Organizations and Inequality Regimes: Gender, Homosexuality, and Inequality within Religious Congregations.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(3): 476-493.

Stroope, Samuel, Scott Draper, and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2013. “Images of a Loving God and Sense of Meaning in Life.” Social Indicators Research 111(1): 25-44.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2013. “Religious Organizations and Homosexuality: The Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians in American Congregations.” Review of Religious Research 55:297-317.

Whitehead, Andrew L. and Joseph Baker. 2012. “Homosexuality, Religion, and Science: Moral Authority and the Persistence of Negative Attitudes.” Sociological Inquiry 82(4): 487-509.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2012. “Gender Ideology and Religion: Does a Masculine Image of God Matter?” Review of Religious Research 54:139-156.

Dougherty, Kevin D., and Andrew L. Whitehead. 2011. “A Place to Belong: Small Group Involvement in Religious Congregations.” Sociology of Religion 72(1): 91-111.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2010. “Financial Commitment within Federations of Small Groups: The Effect of Cell-Based Congregational Structure on Individual Giving.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(4): 640-656.

Whitehead, Andrew L. 2010. “Sacred Rites and Civil Rights: Religion’s Effect on Attitudes toward Same-Sex Unions and the Perceived Cause of Homosexuality.” Social Science Quarterly 91(1): 63-78.