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Faculty and Staff Profile

Jeffrey Edwards

Academic Lecturer

Office: 137 Brackett Hall
Phone: 8646563823

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Social Work
UNC - Chapel Hill 2012

MSW Social Work
USC 2003

BA Sociology
Clemson University 2000

 Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology
Marriage & Intimacy
Substance Abuse
Juvenile Delinquency


I graduated from Clemson University with a B.A. in Sociology in 2000. Before returning to Clemson as a lecturer in the fall of 2012, I have been a counselor at a boarding school near Atlanta, GA; a nonprofit software consultant in Charleston, SC; and prior to graduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, I worked as a research associate and grant manager of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation pipeline grant in the UNC Dental School.

 Research Interests

My research interests include adolescent mental health, risk and resilience, and adolescent delinquent/high risk behaviors.

 Research Publications

Edwards, J. D., Powers, J. D., Thompson, A. T., & Rutten-Turner, E. A. (2014). The Value of Teaching Preparation During Doctoral Studies. Academic Leadership Journal in Student Research.

Powers, J. D., Edwards, J. D., Blackman, K., & Wegmann, K. (2013). Key Elements of a Successful Multi-system Collaboration for School-Based Mental Health: In Depth Interviews with District and Agency Administrators. Urban Review.

Strauss, R. P., Stein, M. B., Edwards, J. D., & Nies, K. C. (2010). Community based dental educational impacts on students. Journal of Dental Education, October Supplement.

Hall, M. T., Edwards, J. D., & Howard, M. O. (2010). Accidental deaths due to inhalant misuse in North Carolina: 2000-2008. Substance Use & Misuse, 45(9).

Howard, M. O., Hall, M. T., Edwards, J. D., Vaughn, M. G., Perron, B. E., & Winecker R. E. (2010). Suicide by asphyxiation due to helium inhalation. American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.