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Faculty and Staff Profile

Thierry Bras

Military Leader Instructor

Office: Johnstone Hall

 Educational Background

Criminal Justice BS

 Courses Taught

Military Leadership
Military History
Cadet Bible Study
Cadet Nutrition


Assistant Professor of Military Leadership, Thierry Bras Thierry Bras is privileged to be an MLII Instructor and S-1 officer for Clemson University Fightin’ Tiger Battalion on 1 September 2015, following a tour of duty as Current Operation Action Officer in Wiesbaden, Germany. He enlisted in the Army in July 1985 as a Combat Engineer Demolition Specialist where he served in the 2nd Infantry Div, 2nd Engineer Bn for a one year tour in Korea. He was then assigned to the 82nd Airborne Div. 307th Eng Bn. From that unit he was blessed to receive a 3 year scholarship for ROTC. He graduated from Shippensburg University in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and was commissioned as 2LT in the Engineer Branch. After graduation he became a City of Wildwood, NJ Police Officer before going on active duty. His first active duty assignment as a commissioned officer was with the 3rd Infantry Division in Kitizigen, Germany as an Engineer Platoon Leader. After completing two years in Germany he went into the Florida National Guard, 10th Special Forces Group as 1LT S-3/S-4 which he attending SFAS and the SERE Course. His civilian occupation was that of an education and training director at a level 6 Juvenile facility which was Faith based where he taught the Word of God to delivery young men from addictive lifestyles. During that time he also taught in private, public and Christian Schools. As a CPT, he was then assigned to the 32nd Trans Group as an S-4 and then as a HHC Commander which deployed on Operation Iraqi Freedom. After returning from his deployment he received a position as MLII Instructor and the BN XO as Florida Southern College ROTC Department Lakeland, Florida. He then was assigned to the 2-485th Infantry Bn as a Bravo Company Commander training new recruits in Basic Warrior Combat Training at FT Jackson, SC. He was then assigned to the Chaplain Officer Basic and Advance Course as a Combat Arms Instructor / HHC Commander. His Military education includes • Engineer Basic Officer and Advance Course • Airborne • Air Assault School • Scout Platoon Leader Course • SERE Course • SFAS • Army Instructor and Small Leader Group Course Also blessed to be married (Cindy) with two super children; girl (Whitley 16) and boy (Marcel 10).

 Research Interests

Immersed in the Word of God School.

The Lord Jesus put this on my heart to start a school for graduating High School students or anybody that is willing to apply. I want to create a school where the foundation is the Word of God and its focus is the “Whole Man” (Spirit, Soul and Body). The individual would be given intense training in the Word of God having their minds renewed and feed only organic foods for their body.

Total immersion of the Bible for 40 days. Immersion is when you submerge an item so fully into something that it can’t help but take on the nature of the substance that surrounds it. It happens with languages; where people must learn a language because of the environment they are in. The Word of God is an environment and we must learn that language to be Victorious in life. Change happens MUCH quicker in your life when you are immersed.

I know an individual can mature quickly being in the Word of God. I have seen this transformation when a civilian off the street is sent to Basic Combat Training and made into an American Soldier. I have experienced this in my own life by hearing the Word of God through Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Bill Winston, Kenneth Hagin, Keith Moore, Kenneth Copeland, Charles Capps, Dr Nasir, Dr Leaf, Dr Colbert, Dr Jordan and many more.

Some of the subjects that will be taught are the following: GRACE, the Word meditation, faith, renew the mind, love, healing, health, nutrition, joy, marriage, money, confession, hearing from God, prayer, forgiveness, Holy Spirit, tongues and the Blessing. Team Sports and events will be done daily. Also I will be teaching life skills such as eating, sleeping, communication, cooking, organizing, thinking and the things we do on a daily basis.