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Faculty and Staff Profile

T. Andrew Poehlman

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: Sirrine 269

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Psychology
Yale University 2007

M.S. Psychology
Yale University 2005

M.Phil. Psychology
Yale University 2006

B.S. Psychology
University of Washington 2003

 Courses Taught

Buyer Behavior (Graduate)
International Marketing


I enjoy thinking about human nature and how that plays out in consumption contexts. I have most recently published in Cognition on the topic of human potential and I enthusiastically review papers for many journals and conferences. I also enjoy college football.

 Research Interests

My current interests center around why humans construct value the way they do. In particular I'm interested in why the notion of potential affects valuation of objects and experiences in the present. Additionally, I'm interested in the nature of human pleasure and happiness and its relationship to evolution, addiction and consumption.

 Research Publications

"Sophisticated by Design: the Nonconscious Influence of Primed Concepts and Atmospheric Variables on Consumer Preferences." (with R. Dhar and J. Bargh), Customer Needs and Solutions 2015.

“The valuation of imagined future achievement,” (with G. Newman), Cognition, 2014.

“Understanding and using the Implicit Association Test: 3. Meta-analysis of predictive validity," (with A. Greenwald, E. Uhlmann and M. Banaji), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2009.
“Implicit Puritanism in American Moral Cognition,” (with E. Uhlmann, D. Tannenbaum and J. Bargh), Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2011.
“Adaptive Skeletal Muscle Action Requires Anticipation and ‘Conscious Broadcasting’” (with T. Jantz and E. Morsella), Frontiers in Cognition, 2012.
“The name-letter effect in groups: Sharing initials among group members increases the quality of group work.” (with E. Polman and M. Pollman), PLoS One.