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Production and Manufacturing Systems

Production and manufacturing systems are undergoing profound changes driven by eCommerce and emerging technologies. From "lights out" facilities that can produce items with no human input to massive order fulfillment centers for eRetailers, designing the systems that support these requirements is a challenge for academic and industrial researchers around the world. Designing effective systems also requires the inclusion of technology like additive manufacturing, autonomous material handling vehicles (e.g., forklifts), and self-organizing conveyors for companies to retain a competitive advantage in the future.

This area includes:

  • Real-time Dynamic control of material flow using Industry 4.0/IIoT enabled devices
  • VR-based learning of light-based technologies manufacturing
  • Total System Design for "lights out" operation
  • Integrated operation of facilities and the logistics network when both are highly automated

Faculty in this Area:

Bill FerrellTugce Isik,  Mary Elizabeth KurzThomas Sharkey, Kevin M. Taaffe, Dan Li





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