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Fringe Rates

Fringe Benefits Rates

Fringe Benefits Rates are negotiated as a pool along with F&A Rates and must be calculated for all salaries included in the proposal budget. The Fringe Rates can be viewed on the Comptroller's site.

Facilities & Administrative Costs (F&A) are included in all grant proposal budgets unless an official F&A waiver has been obtained or not allowed by the sponsor.

F&A is calculated on Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC), which excludes Equipment, Rental Costs of Off-Site Facilities, Tuition Remission, and Subcontract costs in excess of $25,000 each. Full F&A rates are applied to MTDC unless the F&A recovery is limited by sponsor policy. If the sponsor limits F&A recovery to a certain percentage, then the sponsor-mandated F&A rate is applied to the Total Direct Costs (TDC).

Rates for FY22-23
Fiscal Year Rates
9 Month Employees 
(9-month faculty)
12 Month Employees 
(federal, temporary grant, 12-month faculty & staff and post-docs, administrator)
Undergraduate Students 1.9%
Graduate Students 8.1%
(returning retirees, permanent part-time and temporary employees)
Rates for FY22-24
Indirect Rates
F & A Area FY22 FY23 FY24
On-Campus Organized Research 52.5% MTDC 52.5% MTDC 52.5% MTDC
On-Campus Instruction 45% MTDC 45% MTDC 45% MTDC
Other Sponsored Activity 34% MTDC 34% MTDC 34% MTDC
All Off-Campus Projects 26% MTDC 26% MTDC 26% MTDC


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  • Increase awarded doctoral degrees
  • Support state economic development
  • Provide high-impact research opportunities
  • Double underrepresented instructional faculty
  • Increase annual research proposal submissions
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