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As an hourly employee, will my pay fluctuate?

Do I need to adjust my retirement contribution allocation per paycheck as a result of the semi-monthly change?

Do I need to do anything about my direct deposit?

How can I stop Internet Explorer from freezing when I try to open a Kronos page?

How do I change my SC state credit union payroll deduction?

How do I elect, review or remove my consent to receive my W-2 electronically?

How do I see detailed leave taken?

How do I submit a leave request in Kronos?

How do I submit my timesheet at the end of the pay period?

How will this affect my deductions?

I am a 9-month Faculty member and I elected to participate in the Pay Over 12 Months Program. How will my pay be impacted?

I am an hourly employee.  I am being paid for the same number of hours, but my taxes are higher.  Why?

I am required to keep a timesheet, which covers a two-week period. Will this change?

I cannot type the date in Request Time Off.  Why?

I entered a Time Off Request but cannot see the entry on my schedule.  What should I do?

I entered a Time Off Request but cannot see the entry on my schedule.  What should I do?

I had an international tax treaty, where is my tax statement?

I have a garnishment/child support payment set-up based on 26 pay periods. Do I need to take action?

I have already exceeded the annual maximum for Social Security taxes (FICA OASDI) after working with a different employer. Can Clemson University stop withholding Social Security taxes for the calendar year?

I have an annuity set-up for pre-tax withholding. Do I need make any changes?

I have tried to login to Kronos using my Novell user name and password but I cannot access the system.  What should I do?

I lost or cannot find my W-2.  Where can I find the necessary form to request a reprint?

I received a Security Warning when accessing Kronos which states, "Do you want to run this application?"

I waived the right to participate in Retirement.  Why is the Retirement Plan box marked on my W-2?

I’m trying to submit my leave in Kronos but I cannot enter the Start Date or End Date?

If I retract my leave request, why can I still see it on the page?

Is there anything else I can do to plan for this change?

Is there someone I can contact directly?

Is there someone to help me budget my finances during this transition from bi-weekly to semi-monthly?

Is there someone who can help me determine if I should change my tax withholdings?

It doesn’t appear that all of the leave that I have taken this year has been recorded in Kronos?  Is the leave taken in Kronos accurate?

My department was scheduled to "Go Live" on Kronos, but I heard that the rollout was suspended.  Why?

None of the earnings on my W-2 match my annual rate.  Why is that?

Once leave has been approved, what happens if I choose to be at work that day and not take the leave that has already been approved?

The rollout for my department was suspended.  As a non-exempt employee, what should I do to record my time worked?

The rollout for my department was suspended.  What should I do when I want to request leave?

What colleges and departments/divisions are not on Kronos yet?

What do I do if my schedule changes and I need to delete or revise any leave that is approved and scheduled?

What does semi-monthly mean?

What if my Time Off Request has been approved and I need to make a change?

What is the cloud?

What is the URL address to access Kronos?

What user name and password do I use to access the Kronos system?

What web browser should I use to access Kronos?

When I enter a full day Time Off Request (7.5 hours), why does it show the times from 08:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.?

When I login to Kronos I receive a pop-up error.  How do get rid of this pop-up?

When trying to access my W-2, I receive the "File not found or file received has length zero error." Why can't I view my W-2?

When will I be paid if the 15th or the last day of the month falls on the weekend or a holiday?

When will the first leave be accrued (earned) for employees paid on a semi-monthly basis?

Where can I get my statement about tuition?

Why can't I get Kronos to work with my iPad, tablet or smartphone?

Why is Clemson University upgrading Kronos?

Why is the university making this change?