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Teacher & Employee Retention Incentive (TERI): K. How are my rights and benefits as a University faculty or staff member affected by my participation in the TERI program?


TERI participants who entered the program prior to June 6, 2005, retain the same status and employment rights they held upon entering the program. Employees who enter the TERI program after June 6, 2005, are excluded from coverage under the State Employee Grievance Procedures Act; however, faculty continue to have the employment rights afforded to them by the appropriate Faculty Manual and are not affected by the change in grievance rights for other employees.

Employees who enter the TERI program gain no new employment rights and are subject to the employment policies and procedures associated with whatever position they occupy during the program period, including those policies and procedures related to salary and benefits. In other words, TERI participants can still be terminated for poor performance or rule violations, and staff positions are subject to reduction in force if circumstances warrant. (See the first paragraph of this section for information concerning grievance rights for TERI participants.)

Participants in the TERI program are eligible for active state employee health insurance benefits and the S.C. Retirement Systems\' group life insurance benefit in the amount of one year\'s base salary; however they are not eligible for disability retirement benefits.

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