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Teacher & Employee Retention Incentive (TERI): L. What happens to my annual and sick leave? Will I accumulate leave as a participant in the TERI program?


Upon entering the TERI program, up to 90 days of unused sick leave may be applied to your service credit. Your sick leave balance will be reduced by the amount of sick leave used to calculate your retirement benefit.

Participants in the TERI program will be eligible to earn and use annual leave and sick leave if they are in positions that are eligible for leave benefits. Annual leave will be earned at the rate consistent with their years of state service for leave accrual purposes. State service while participating in the TERI program will constitute state service for bonus leave accrual purposes.

Employees entering the TERI program after June 30, 2005, will be eligible to be paid for up to 45 days of unused annual leave only upon termination of employment. TERI participants\' average final compensation will be recalculated upon termination of employment to include the number of annual leave days paid at separation. All unused sick leave will be forfeited.

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