Human Resources


How do I add my newly adopted child to my insurance?


To add a child under 18 who is adopted or placed for adoption to your policy, you must submit a Notice of Election form (NOE) with one of the following: 1) a copy of the long-form birth certificate showing the subscriber as the parent; 2) a copy of the legal adoption documentation from the court verifying the completed adoption or 3) a letter of placement from an adoption agency, attorney or the S.C. Department of Social Services verifying the adoption is in progress. The effective date of health, dental and vision coverage is the child’s date of birth, if the child is placed within 31 days of birth. Otherwise, it is the date of adoption or placement. For information about international adoptions, consult with a benefits counselor in the Office of Human Resources.  For questions, contact the Human Resources Service Center at Ask-HR or 864-656-2000 for benefits assistance.


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