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What should I do if I’m getting divorced?


If you divorce, you must remove your spouse and former stepchildren from your coverage by completing a Notice of Election form (NOE) and submitting a complete copy of the divorce decree within 31 days of the date stamped on the divorce decree. Coverage for your divorced spouse and former stepchildren will end the last day of the month after the divorce decree is stamped. If you fail to drop your divorced spouse or former stepchildren within 31 days of the date the court order or divorce decree is stamped by the court, the change in coverage is effective the first of the month after your signature on the NOE dropping your former dependents.

You may continue to provide health, vision and dental coverage for your former spouse and/or stepchildren only if the Family Court requires that you do so. You must provide a copy of the divorce decree ordering you to cover your former spouse and/or former stepchildren, as well as an NOE, to your benefits administrator, who will send both to PEBA Insurance Benefits. The document must list the plans under which your former spouse and/or former stepchildren must be covered. Retirees of state agencies, higher education institutions and school districts, survivors and COBRA subscribers should notify PEBA Insurance Benefits. Retirees of local subdivisions should notify their benefits administrator. The effective date is the first of the month after the divorce becomes final.

You cannot continue to cover your former spouse or former stepchildren under Dependent Life under any circumstances.

When your divorce is final, you can enroll in or increase your Optional Life coverage by $50,000 without medical evidence of good health. You may also cancel or decrease your Optional Life coverage.

You also may be able to make changes in a Medical Spending Account or a Dependent Care Spending Account.

If you remarry, you can cover your divorced spouse or your current spouse, but you cannot cover both under any PEBA Insurance Benefits plan. You can, however, cover one spouse under one plan (health, for example) and the other spouse under another plan (dental, for example). Spouses who lose coverage due to a qualifying event may be eligible to continue coverage under COBRA. For more information, you must contact your benefits administrator or PEBA Insurance Benefits as soon as possible, but within 60 days after the event or from when coverage would have been lost due to the event, whichever is later.

These rules also apply to common law marriages.

For questions, contact the Human Resources Service Center at Ask-HR or 864-656-2000 for benefits assistance.

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