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What is the Clemson ID and how do I get one?


Clemson University requires that all students, employees, and affiliates have an official ID card.  The official ID card is to be in the possession of an individual at all times and presented upon request to any University Official.  The intent of the ID card is for enhanced safety and security on campus.

The TigerOne Card is a necessity of every day campus life. Always remember to carry your TigerOne Card with you at all times. Many departments use the TigerOne Card as a means to grant access to their information and services. From the libraries using the TigerOne Card to allow you to check out library books, to a professor requiring to see your TigerOne Card to take a test, to CCIT requiring it to allow you to purchase discounted software.

The new cards are the first phase of the Identity Management (IDM) project on Clemson University’s campus.  For more information regarding this project, please visit:  In addition, for more information regarding TigerOne Card Services, visit them online at:

Faculty and staff should check with your departmental HR contact to make sure that you are entered into the university's HR system and that you have an employee ID number. Once that is in place, bring a photo ID (driver's license, state issued ID card or passport) to the ID office. There is no charge for your first ID card.

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