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What browsers are recommended for accessing the online application system?


Clemson University's online application system is PeopleSoft so please see the browser guidelines below:

PeopleSoft Desktop and Browser Requirements: Accessed via the web, Clemson University's PeopleSoft system is not platform-specific but does work best with recommended browsers. Students, faculty, and staff all interact with the PeopleSoft system via their Clemson ID and password. Guest access is available for applicants via the external applicant's careers page.

The following browsers are certified to work with PeopleSoft:

Operating System

Certified Browsers

Windows XP

Firefox 3.6, 3.5,3; Internet Explorer 8,7,6

Windows Vista

Firefox 3.6, 3.5,3; Internet Explorer 8,7

Windows 7

Firefox 3.6, 3.5; Internet Explorer 8

Mac OS 10.6   

Firefox 3.6, 3.5; Safari 5,4

Mac OS 10.5   

Firefox 3.6, 3.5,3; Safari 5,4,3


Users are strongly encouraged to use these recommended browsers, as other browsers may not be fully compatible with PeopleSoft.

In order for PeopleSoft to work properly:

  • Pop-up Blockers must be turned off
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • JavaScript must be enabled

Note: To have multiple IE windows in ONE PeopleSoft environment, use PeopleSoft's"New Window" link, do not use windows cntrl-n.  All IE browsers will share cookies and PeopleSoft will function properly. 


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