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What do I need to do for payroll and W-2 processing purposes if I’m leaving employment as a student worker at the end of this semester?


Please do NOT close your banking account right away if you are currently working but will no longer be employed after the Fall semester. You need to keep your account open long enough for your bank to receive any remaining direct deposits for pay.

  • If you are on the 12-month payroll, you will be paid on 12/30/16 for work completed 12/1/16 - 12/15/16 or on 1/13/17 for work completed 12/16/16 - 12/31/16.
  • If you are on the 9-month payroll, you will receive your final pay for the Fall Semester on 12/30/16.
  • If you received any pay in 2016, you will receive a 2016 W-2 in January 2017. Please keep this in mind for address change purposes, discussed below.

Online W-2’s are only available to active employees, faculty members and student workers. If you will no longer be employed in January 2017, please verify your address and we will mail you your W-2, even if you had previously elected to receive your W-2 on-line.

  • If you are enrolled as a student, you can change your Mailing Address in my.Clemson. 
    1. Click, and then click on the My Clemson Profile icon in the top right to log-in using your Clemson ID.  Once at the menu options, go to Addresses to view/update your Mailing Address, which is where your W-2 will be mailed.
    2. Click again on your picture My Clemson Profile icon and choose My Profile.
    3. From the Profile menu, go to Addresses to view/update your Mailing Address, which is where your W-2 will be mailed. 
  • If you are no longer enrolled as a student and are no longer employed as a student worker, click here for the link to manage your address as an inactive employee in the Human Resources system. 
  • Department addresses should not be used as your Mailing Address.

There is a $10 charge for all W-2 reprints. Verifying and updating your address in the correct system will save you the cost of a reprint if your W-2 is mailed to an incorrect address.

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