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Voluntary Separation Program: Will I be able to continue my insurance benefits if I participate in the VSP?

  • If employer-funded insurance is included in the plan, participants may continue their health, dental, dental plus, and vision benefits for up to a year, unless the participant becomes eligible for such benefits otherwise. The participant will be responsible for the employee portion of the premiums during this period, and Clemson University will be responsible for the employer portion. Employees who are not participating in insurance benefits prior to the VSP start date are not eligible for state insurance benefits under any incentive program. Note: if benefits are not included in the plan, COBRA options still apply and are based on eligibility.
  • After 12 months, the employee will have the option to continue coverage through COBRA for up to an additional 6 months. If the employee extends coverage through COBRA, the employee will be responsible for the full COBRA premiums, including the employer and employee portion of the health and dental benefits.
  • You may enroll in state retiree insurance when you retire if you meet eligibility. Please reference the following flyer from the PEBA Insurance Program for details:











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