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How do I add someone to or remove someone from my insurance coverage?


The Employee Insurance Program (EIP) of the South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) allows these types of changes to be made within 31 days of a special eligibility situation. Examples of special eligibility situations are marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, gain or loss of other insurance coverage or death of a dependent.

An employee must submit required documentation to the Office of Human Resources within 31 days of the special eligibility situation. Required documentation may include marriage license, final divorce papers, birth certificate, death certificate or documentation from employer/provider where the coverage was gained or lost. Additionally, he/she must sign the required EIP form - Active Employee Notice of Election (NOE) - indicating that he/she requests to make the change(s).

The effective date for changes made due to special eligibility situation will be as follows: date of marriage, date of birth or adoption, date of death, date other coverage was lost or first of the month following date of final divorce or gain of other coverage.

If more than 31 days has passed since the special eligibility situation occurred, an employee will be required by EIP to wait until the next open enrollment period. Open enrollment periods for health and dental coverage are held during the month of October in odd-numbered years (2013, 2015, etc.) for an effective date of January 1st of the upcoming year. Open enrollment for vision changes is held every October for an effective date of January 1st of the upcoming year.

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