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Kronos Role Responsibilities

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Ensure direct reports are fulfilling their responsibilities
  • Monitor Kronos daily for the following:
    • Handle exceptions, such as missed punches or unexcused absences, which must be cleared for accurate payroll processing
    • Manage time off requests daily as received
  • Monitor Kronos weekly for the following:
    • Employees approaching overtime
      • If overtime is necessary, ensure approval has been obtained by the college Dean or division VP
    • International employees approaching weekly maximum hours
    • Part-time employees staying below 28 hours if necessary
    • Salaried non-exempt employees meeting their weekly standard hours either through time worked or time off requested
  • By 4:30 pm on either the 1st or the 16th for the prior pay period:
    • Ensure all time off requests have been approved or denied
    • Ensure all exceptions have been reviewed and cleared if payroll is impacted, such as missed punches or unexcused absences
    • Approve prior pay period timecards for all employees