Health Benefits

Supporting proper care of our bodies for optimal health and functioning.
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State Health Package Premiums

State Health Package Premiums (PDF)

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Medical Plans

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Blue CareOnDemand

Blue365 massage


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Behavioral Health Counseling and Consultation Services

Visiting with doctors

Adult Well Visits

Child well visit

Child Well Visits

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Naturally slim diet

Naturally Slim

Check blood sugar

Diabetes Education

Health coach

Health Coaching

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Quit for Life

Doctor with prescription

Prescription Benefits

No-Pay Copay

No-Pay Copay

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Dental Benefits

Vision benefits

Vision Benefits

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Open Enrollment Meeting

Annual Open Enrollment

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Order a Replacement Insurance Card

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Retiree Insurance Eligibility and Funding

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CU Well

Swann Fitness Center brick building

Swann Fitness Center

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Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center

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Outdoor Recreation Equipment


Office of Access and Equity

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On-Campus Medical Clinic, Joseph. F. Sullivan Center

Doctor meeting with patient

CU First

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CU 4Health

Cooking in a kitchen

CU Nourished

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CU Quit

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Outdoor Recreation Adventure Trips

Leisure skills

Leisure Skills Courses

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SC Botanical Gardens

Golf clubs on a golf course

Walker Golf Course

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Clemson Experimental Forest