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Clemson Link to Employee Activity Reports

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance, also known as 2 CFR 200.430 (h), Cost Principles for Institutions of higher education (IHEs), requires that all universities account for the total compensated effort of employees who are paid from sponsored projects. These employees are held to the Institution Based Salary (IBS) policy. Clemson University meets this requirement with Clemson Link to Employee Activity Reports (CLEAR); an electronic, web-based effort reporting system. Employees who are paid directly from a sponsored (or related cost share) project are required to certify effort reports. Reports are run three times each year: in February for the prior fall semester, in June for the prior spring semester, and in September for the two prior summer sessions.

For more information related to policies and procedures, contact Karen Lantgios.

For employees certifying their own individual report:

Login to the CLEAR System for individuals

For Principal Investigators (or other technical individuals) certifying an employee's report:

Login to the CLEAR System for Principal Investigator

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Deadlines for validating CLEAR reports

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