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Notification of Absence in Blackboard

There is a feature available in Blackboard which allows you to quickly notify your professors of an absence from class, whether anticipated or unanticipated. The Notification of Absence module, available in Blackboard on the MyCLEmson tab and on the Students tab, is designed to allow you to quickly notify your professors whenever a University-sponsored function, illness, or hospitalization takes you away from class. All the notification requires is a brief explanation, dates, and times. Based on the dates and times you select, your instructors are automatically selected, but you have the final say over which instructors receive the notification and which do not. Though it does not serve as an official "excuse" from class, it does open the dialogue between you and your professor for further communication that needs to happen. As you know, class absence is a matter between the student and professor. As always, if you are unable to report the absence by computer, you can call the Dean of Students Office and someone will be happy to assist you. Access to this system can also be linked from the CU home page under the letter "A" for "absence" and under the letter "N" for "notification."


Contact: Dean of Students Ofice, 202 Hendrix Student Center, 864-656-0935