Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Donations & Endowments

You can support the Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Department by making a financial gift. Please remember that your gift will NOT go to the EEES Department unless you select a specific fund from the list of designations. In addition to the list below, there are several other options available to make a gift and create a legacy at EEES. Please contact Dr. David Freedman, Chair, for more information.

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A. Ray Abernathy / Linvil G. Rich Water Environment Association Fellowship Endowment: To support graduate level students who are currently enrolled or accepted to a Masters or Doctoral degree program in Environmental Engineering & Science

2012 Meric Selbes
2011 Christina Anderson
2010 Anthony Reid
2009 Jennifer Horner
2008 Jessica High
2007 Ashley Eaddy
2006 James Henderson
2005 Ilke Erdogan
2004 Anthony S. Danko
2003 Jacqueline M. Smith
2002 Rebecca Cline
2001 Mehmet Kitis
2000 James E. Roane
1998 Sean Scuras
2012 Jaclyn Ellerie
2011 Andrea Hicks
2010 Meric Selbes
2009 Darryl Jones
2008 Byung Joon Lee

Dr. William R. Heatley, Jr. Graduate Assistance Endowment: To provide assistance for graduate students who are majoring in Environmental Engineering and Science.

2008 Phung Pham
2004 Brian Powell
2003 Jessica M. Brown

Thomas Logan, Jr. Geology Merit Award: This award is presented to a senior majoring in Geology with outstanding achievement and possessing personal attributes necessary for success in this discipline.

2012 Alex Baldwin
2010 James Christopher Ryan
2009 Kirk Ellison / Ben Robinson
2008 Daniel Paul Brown
2007 Stephen Franklin Poterala
2006 Phung Minh Pham
2005 Jason Bryan Meadows / Jennifer Ann Oblinger
2004 Anna Frances Perry
2003 Jeffery Thomas Atteberry / Daniel Keigh George
2002 Christopher W Hepler
2001 Valerie E Martin
2000 Amanda K Souders
1999 Michael S Lamar
1998 George D Adams
1997 Sean A Galton / Jody Russel Gibson
1996 Julie M Gray
1995 Sheri Lyn Mazur
1994 Gerald Oliver Black IV
1993 Nicholas Brandon Kidd
1992 Heather Therese Hawkins
1991 Richard P Lee / Richard D White
1990 Jerry P Moore
1989 Heather Michelle Astwood
1987 Eric Marshall Hicks / Ronald Lamar Knight
1986 Susan E Dawson / Joseph L Tinsley
1985 Laura Ann Sacks
1984 Laura L Burnett
1983 Jean G Stillwell
1982 William Brian Hughes
1981 David P Sanders
1980 Fred Jackson Bynum, Jr
1978 Steven C Godfrey
1977 Nancy Ruth Sowers
1976 Thomas E Williams
1975 Beulah Lynn Prosser
1974 Frankie Elaine Campbell
1973 William Edward Truman III
1972 Stanley R Lewis

Environmental Scholars Endowment: To support master or doctoral students in the Environmental Engineering and Sciences

2012 Kelly Grogan / Muriel Steele / Xiaoling Lu
2011 Shanna Estes / Adam Mangel / Ting Shao
2010 Jose Alfaro / Amer Kanan / Richard Hall
2009 Hailian Liang / Dan Matz / Sam Sarkar
2008 Laura Reid / Jim Chamberlain
2007 Darryl Jones
2006 Sowmya Suryanarayanan
2005 Kevin Taylor
2004 John Sivey / William Bratt / Jessica M. Brown
2003 Jessica M. Brown / Lara Hughes / Adlar Chadwick Bird
2002 Usarat Pakdeesusuk / Alper Elci
2001 David Calhoun / Andy Imboden
2000 James L. Myers

Jean Stillwell Award: This award is given by the Geology faculty to the outstanding junior majoring in Geology.

2010 Chaquetta Denise Green / Austin Matthew Hodge
2009 Jamie Ryan

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award: This award is given to the outstanding teaching assistant for introductory Geology laboratories, as determined by students enrolled in those laboratories.

Gordon McCallum Memorial Endowment: To provide unrestricted funds to the Department of Engineering & Earth Sciences

Dr. David S. Snipes Memorial Student Assistance Endowment: To provide student assistance for graduate students who are majoring in Hydrogeology within the College of Engineering and Science.

Paul K. Birkhead Memorial Scholarship: To award one or more scholarships annually to incoming freshmen enrolling in the College of Engineering & Science and majoring in Geology

2007-08 Austin M. Hodge
2006-07 Shannon L. Hesse
2005-06 Charles A. Miller
2004-05 Scott W. Douglas
2003-04 Charles B. Hoffman
2002-03 Kimberly Walton
2001-02 Tom J. Linton, Jennifer A. Oblinger
2000-01 Marjorie E. Decocker
1999-00 Jeffrey T. Atteberry
1998-99 Katherine E. Gavounas
1997-98 Dainna C. Brier
1996-97 Kimberly A. Brauss
1995-96 Kelly M. Anselmo
1994-95 Tania B. Mazur
1993-94 Gregory T. Kinsman, Peter R. Briere
1992-93 Julie M. Gray
Rebecca J. Csordas
1990-91 Mary R. Weinberger

Geological Sciences Endowment: To award one or more scholarships annually to incoming freshmen enrolling in the College of Engineering & Science and majoring in Geology

Thomas M. Keinath Endowment in Environmental Engineering & Science: To provide unrestricted funds to the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

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More Information
For more information about giving to EEES, contact:

Dr. David Freedman, Chair
Rich Lab, Research Park
Anderson, SC 29625

For general information about giving and donors, please contact Doug Gray in the Office of Development.

Doug Gray
Office of Development