Environmental Health Physics

Meeting Schedule

Spring 2014 CUHPS Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, the meetings are Fridays from 12:45 - 1:30 p.m. in 150 L. G. Rich Lab

9 - Jan

 Dr. Robert Borrelli, Diablo Valley College

Development of Safeguardability Methodologies for the Advanced Fuel Cycle
16 - Jan

Dr. David Bytwerk, DHS

Foliar Interception and Uptake of Chlorine-36
23 - Jan Ms. Nicole Martinez, Colorado State University Influence of Lake Trophic Structure on 131I Accumulation in Trout Thyroids With Corresponding Estimation of Whole Body and Thyroid Radiation Dose
31 - Jan Dr. Timothy DeVol How to give a Professional Presentation Workshop
7 - Feb Dr. Maria Romero-Gonzalez, Kroto Research Institute, The University of Sheffield Binding of macromolecules to mineral surfaces
21 - Feb

Ed Helvenston

Jennifer Wong

Ab Initio Calculations of Pentahydrate Uranyl Sorption onto Graphene Oxide

Mobilization of Pu by Natural Organic Matter: Studies with Flow Cells

21 - Feb Dr. Andrew Sowder, EPRI

Dry Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel: A Growth Industry

7 -  Mar Nathan Conroy The Influence of Natural Organic Matter on Plutonium Mobility...The Greatest Talk Ever
28 - Mar Shanna Estes TBD
4 - Apr

David Locklair

Mara Watson



18 - Apr Pandora's Promise