Environmental Health Physics

Meeting Schedule

Spring 2015 CUHPS Meeting Schedule

23 Jan. Dr. DeVol How to give a Professional Presentation
6 Feb. Stephanie Hoelbling Ionizing Radiation for Wastewater Treatment
6 Feb. Jonathan Locklair Production of radioisotopes for Theraputic and Diagnostic Use in the Field of Nuclear Medicine
19 Feb.* Dr. Jenifer Braley,
Colorado School of Mines
Actinide Interactions with (Poly)aminopolycarboxylates: Advanced Fuel Cycle Applications & Fundamental Chemistry
(Chemistry Dept Seminar, 100 Hunter Hall, 4pm)
20 Feb. Caitlin Root Possible Sources of Exposure to Radiation Resulting from Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques
20 Feb. Brad Ellis Food Irradiation
6 Mar. April Gillens A Novel Technique for the Rapid Determination of Tributyl Phosphate degradation from Alkaline Hydrolysis in Aqueous and Organic Phases using FTIR-ATR and Verification of this Technique by Gas Chromatography
6 Mar. Kirk Freeman A Comparison of Photomultiplier Tube and Silicon Photomultiplier Performance for Gamma Spectroscopy
22-25 Mar.* - ORNL Nuclear Safeguards Course
27 Mar* - Roscoe Hall Memorial Golf Tournament
3 Apr.* Megan Hoover First Principles Computational Modeling of the Surface Properties of Uranium Dioxide
9 Apr. Dr. Ming Tang,
Los Alamos National Lab
Radiation Damage Effects in Complex Oxides
(MS&E Departmental Seminar, 200 Olin Hall, 5-6 p.m.)
17 Apr.* Dr. Jonathan Bridge,
University of Liverpool
Colloid Transport and Fate within Saturated and Unsaturated Porous Media
(EES Departmental Seminar)
24 Apr.* - Highway Cleanup
25 Apr.* - Departmental Spring Picnic
*Unless otherwise indicated, the meetings are held in 322 Brackett from 1:15-2:15