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Simulation of Single-Sludge Processes for Carbon Oxidation, Nitrification, & Dentrification
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This program is provided free of charge to foster a better understanding of single sludge processes of wastewater treatment. Use of this program by the recipient acknowledges that the recipient understands that while this program may be copied freely, it is not to be offered for sale to anyone. Furthermore, the recipient, by use of this program, does hereby release Clemson University, its Board of Trustees, employees and agents from liability for any injuries of whatever nature that may result from use of this program by the recipient. The recipient further acknowledges that Clemson University does not maintain a help or update service for the program.

Simulation of Single-Sludge Processes for Carbon Oxidation Nitrification and Denitrification Version 1.0.

COPYRIGHT 1987, Clemson University - All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Model developed by the IAWPRC Task Group on Mathematical Modeling for Design and Operation of Biological Wastewater Treatment. For details see: "A Model for Single Sludge Wastewater Treatment Systems" by C. P. L. Grady Jr., W. Gujer, M. Henze, G. v. R. Marais and T. Matsuo, pp 47-61 and "Evaluation of the General Activated Sludge Model prepared by the IAWPRC Task Group" by P. L. Dold and G. v. R. Marais, pp 63-89, both in MODELING OF BIOLOGICAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT, vol. 18, #6 of WATER SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 1986.

Programing by Steven M. Bidstrup in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Science in Environmental Systems Engineering, Clemson University, 1987.

Funding provided by the Wastewater Technology Center, Environment Canada, Burlington, Ontario.

For further information contact: C. P. L. Grady Jr. Department of Environmental Engineering & Science, L. G. Rich Environmental Research Laboratory 342 Computer Court Anderson, SC 29625-6510 USA