Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

John Coates

Research Associate / Associate Professor
Rich Lab, 342 Computer Court
Anderson, SC 29625

Ph.D.  Clemson University, 1984 Environmental Systems Engineering
M.S.  Clemson University, 1981, Environmental Systems Engineering
B.S.  Middle Tennessee State University, 1968, Chemistry

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Faculty Overview
Dr. Coates’ teaching responsibilities have included aqueous environmental chemistry, environmental engineering chemistry lab, advanced topics in environmental engineering chemistry, mass spectral interpretation, introduction to environmental engineering and introduction to environmental science. In addition he has conducted several short courses in high resolution gas chromatography, high resolution GC/MS, and statistical experimental design.

Dr. Coates is currently involved in several research areas that focus on the distribution and movement of anthropogenic organic and inorganic compounds in both surface and subsurface environments. Most recently, research has focused on studying the movement of radionuclides in subsurface soils and interbed material from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) site, and in subsurface soils from the Savannah River Site (SRS). In addition, he and a colleague have developed monitoring technology and equipment to measure radionuclide contamination in water supply systems.

Class Information
For current syllabi, please search the Clemson University Syllabus Respository.

EES 8830    Mass Spectral Interpretation of Environmental Contaminants
EES 8440    Environmental Engineering Chemistry Lab 1
EES 4010    Introduction to Environmental Engineering
EES 8470    Advanced Topics in Environmental Chemistry
ENSP 2000  Introduction to Environmental Science
CH 4130     Chemistry of Aqueous Systems
GEOL 7900  Special Topics

Specialty Workshops
Theory and Application of High-Resolution Gas Chromatography
Selected Publications

Falta, R.W., Lee, C.M., Brame, S.E., Roeder, E., Coates, J.T., and Wright, C., "Field Test of High Molecular Weight Alcohol Flushing for Subsurface NAPL Remediation," Water Resources Research, 35(7):2095-2108, (1999).

Roeder, E., Falta, R.W., Lee, C.M., and Coates, J.T., "DNAPL to LNAPL Transitions during Horizontal Cosolvent Flooding," Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, 21(1):77-88, (2001).

Ladaa, T.I., Lee, C.M., Coates, J.T., and Falta, R.W., "Cosolvent Effects of Alcohols on the Henry's Law Constant and Aqueous Solubility of Tetrachloroethylene (PCE)," Chemosphere, 44(5):1137-1143, (2001).

Coates, J.T., Fjeld, R.A., Paulenova, A., and DeVol, T.A., “Evaluation of a Rapid Technique for Measuring Actinide Oxidation States in a Ground Water Simulant,” Journal of Radioanalytical Nuclear Chemistry, 248(2):501-506, (2001).

Pakdeesusuk, U., Freedman, D.L., Lee, C.M., and Coates, J.T., "Reductive Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sediment from the Twelve Mile Creek Arm of Lake Hartwell,” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 22(6):1214-1220, (2003).

Pakdeesusuk, U., Jones, W.J., Lee, C.M., Garrison, A.W., O'Neill, W.L., Freedman, D.L., Coates, J.T., and Wong, C.S. "Changes in Enantiomeric Fractions (EF) During Microbial Reductive Dechlorination of PCB132, PCB149, and Aroclor1254 in Lake Hartwell Sediment Microcosms" Environmental Science and Technology, 37(6):1100-1107, (2003).

Kaplan D.I., Powell, B.A., Demirkanli, D.I., Fjeld, R.A., Molz, F.J., Serkiz S.M., and Coates, J.T " “Influence of oxidation states on plutonium mobility during long-term transport through an unsaturated subsurface environment,” Environmental Science and Technology, 38, 5053-5058, (2004).

Powell, B.A., Fjeld R.A., Kaplan D.I., Coates J.T., Serkiz S.M. “Pu(V)O2 adsorption and reduction on synthetic magnetite (Fe2O3),” Environmental Science and Technology, 38, 6016-6024, 2004).

Powell B.A., Fjeld R.A., Kaplan D.I., Coates J.T., and Serkiz S.M., “Pu(V)O2+ adsorption and reduction on synthetic Goethite (-FeOOH) and Hematite (-Fe2O3),” Environmental Science and Technology , 39, 2107-2114, (2005).

Pakdeesusuk, U.; Lee, C. M.; Coates, J. T.; and Freedman, D. L. 2005. “Assessment of Natural Attenuation via In Situ Reductive Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Sediments of the Twelve Mile Creek Arm of Lake Hartwell, SC, USA” Environmental Science and Technology, 39(4):945-952.

Hengpraprom, S.; Lee, C. M.; and Coates, J. T., “Sorption of Humic Acids and α-Endosulfan by Clays” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 25(1), 11-17, (2006).

Powell, B.A., Duff, M.C., Kaplan, D.I., Fjeld, R.A., Newville, M., Hunter, D.B., Bertsch. P.M., Coates, J.T., Eng, P., Rivers, M.L., Serkiz, S.M., Sutton, S.R., Triay, I.R., Vaniman, D.T., “Plutonium oxidation and subsequent reduction by Mn(IV) minerals in Yucca Mt. Tuff, ” Environmental Science and Technology, 40(11), 3508-3514, (2006).

Wong, C. S.; Pakdeesusuk, U.; Morrissey, J. A.; Lee, C. M.; Coates, J. T.; Garrison, A. W.; Mabury, S. A.; Marvin, C. H.; and Muir, D. C. G. 2005. “Enantiomeric Composition of Chiral Polychlorinated Biphenyl Atropisomers in Dated Sediment Cores.” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 26(2), 254-263, (2007).

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Im, J.; Lee, C. M.; and Coates, J. T. “Comparison of Two Reference Black Carbon Sorbents to Determine Appropriate Model Black Carbon,” Chemosphere, 71(4), 621-628, 2008.

Im, J.; Lee, C. M.; and Coates, J. T. “Model Sorbent Systems for Black Carbon,” in prepreparation, to be submitted to Environmental Science and Technology.

Book Chapters (Reviewed)

Coates, J.T., Elzerman, A.W., and Garrison, A.W. “PAH Uptake by Plants: Methodology and Initial Investigations,” Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Chemistry Characterization and Carcinogenesis, 9th International Symposium, M.L. Cooke and A.J. Dennis, (Eds.), Battelle Press, Columbus, Ohio, (1986).

Elzerman, A.W. and Coates, J.T., “Hydrophobic Organic Compounds on Sediments: Equilibria and Kinetics of Sorption,” Sources and Fates of Aquatic Pollutants, R.A. Hites and S.J. Eisenreich (Eds.), American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., (1987).

Awards & Honors

Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society of North America)

National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate, National Academy of Sciences, USEPA/ERL, 1984-85.

Clemson University Research Foundation, Focus on Research, Certificate of Excellence. April 2006.


“Methods and Systems for Detection Of Radionuclides,” DOCKET NUMBER: CXU-501-P, Provisional Patent application filed 1/13/2006, T.A.DeVol, J.T. Coates. Patent Pending.