Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences


For all Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Students

Prior to your registration date, you must meet with your advisor to discuss your schedule and to be cleared for registration in iRoar.

Advisor assignments are listed in the Assigned Advisors document.  Your advisor will contact you for advising appointments.  You may also contact your advisor

Please review your degree progress report in SISWeb, transcript in iRoar, the appropriate curriculum plan, and the online schedule of classes in order to have a schedule in mind to discuss with your advisor. Use the prerequisite list to help determine if you qualify for course enrollment.

More information: www.registrar.clemson.edu/portal

Registration times: www.registrar.clemson.edu/html/phasein.htm

Dr. Tom Overcamp
Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor
On-Campus: 445B Brackett Hall
Off-Campus:Rich Lab
Dr. David Freedman
On-Campus:431 Brackett Hall
Off-Campus: Rich Lab
Dr. Kevin Finneran
865.656.4202 or 864.656.4143
On Campus: 435 Brackett, 312 BRC
Off Campus: Rich Lab
Advising Documents
2014-2015 Curriculum (effective Aug 2014)
Advisor Assignment List (updated 10/7/2014)