Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences

Honors Program

Students enrolled in the Calhoun College Honors Program may earn Senior Departmental Honors in Geology by completing the following requirements. 
*Not all courses are currently being offered on a regular basis.  However, if you are interested in pursuing departmental honors in Geology, please speak with your advisor about your options, including honors contracts*

1) Complete two (2) of the following:
Course Title Credits
GEOL 3000 (HON)
Environmental Geology 3 credits
GEOL 3140 (HON)
Sedimentary Petrology 3 credits
GEOL 3160 (HON)
Igneous & Metamorphic
3 credits
GEOL 3200 (HON)
Engineering Geology 3 credits

2) Independent Research:
Course Title Credits
GEOL 411(HON) Research Problems 6 credits

Total Required Credits: 12
**All honors courses must be completed with a grade of A or B. An oral presentation of your research results is made during an open seminar to the geology faculty and a written thesis report is submitted to the department.