Mammoth Cave

A fellow guest at Hamilton Valley.JPG

Amy briefs us for the cave tour.JPG

Amy on the bus.JPG

Bottom of a well casing.JPG

Cave girls 1.JPG

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Cave tour 1.JPG

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Cave tour 6.JPG

Cave tour 7.JPG

Cave tour 8.JPG

Cave tour 9.JPG

Cavers 1.JPG

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Caving 1.JPG

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Caving 11.JPG

Caving 12.JPG

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Caving 14.JPG

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Caving 16.JPG

Caving 17.JPG

Caving 18.JPG

Caving 19.JPG

Caving 2.JPG

Caving 20.JPG

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Caving 22.JPG

Caving 23.JPG

Caving 24.JPG

Caving 25.JPG

Caving 26.JPG

Caving 27.JPG

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Caving 29.JPG

Caving 3.JPG

Caving 4.JPG

Caving 5.JPG

Caving 6.JPG

Caving 7.JPG

Caving 8.JPG

Caving 9.JPG

Checking out the exposures.JPG

Echo River 1.JPG

Echo River 2.JPG

Echo River 3.JPG

Echo River 4.JPG

Echo River 5.JPG

Echo River 6.JPG

Echo River 7.JPG

Echo River spring.JPG

Filled anastamosing conduit.JPG

Hmmm, unclear what is going on here.JPG

Justin mapping.JPG

Keeping good notes.JPG

Lodge at Hamilton Valley.JPG

Mammoth Cave.JPG

Mapping Girkin LS 1.JPG

Mapping Girkin LS 2.JPG

Mapping outcrop at Mammoth Cave.JPG


Measuring the orientation of bedding.JPG

Meeting room at Hamilton Valley.JPG


Stag beetle at Hamilton Valley.JPG

Start of the cave tour.JPG

Tim mapping the limestone.JPG