Oak Ridge National Lab

Tour with Phil Jardine, Melaney Mays and Tonia Melhorn

Phil Jardine tells us about the experimental site for hillslope hydrology

Access for the instrumented soil block

Phil Jardine and the class on a hillslope instrumented with tensiometers and lysimeters

Phil and Tonia Melhorn describing the local soils

Trever emerging from the underground weir

Underground weir

Justin, Dave and Curtis at the underground weir

Back to daylight

Tonia Melhorn explaining about the waste pits at Oak Ridge. WAG 4 is in the background

Vents mark the surface of WAG 4

Meg records the details

WAG 5 under construction. We were unable to get out of the vans for security reasons

but we got a nice view of how the construction of waste caps


Piezometers and samplers at ORNL research site on the edge of WAG 5

We also toured the Field Research Research Center at Oak Ridge, but we were unable to take photograph because of security regulations. Details of the FRC site are available here.

Arriving home

Reports from Project 2 await me when I return to the office.