Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

Hosted by Steve Webb, Steve Wixon, and Caitlin Current from RMT and
Kathy Webb from the Fletcher Group

Starting out with an overview

Steve Wixon shows a plume map

VOC plume at site

Explaining the hydrogeology of the site

Chad checks out a vial of TCE and water

Sparging to remove volatile compounds in a stream

Steve Webb explaining the sparging system

Caitlin Current describes the hydrogeology of the site

Looking over core from the site

Amelia and Steve

Tim checks out the core

Diffusion sampler

Blurry diffusion sampler

Steve Webb reaching into his mystery box to quiz us

What is this thing?

This explains a few things

Shelly and Evan work on the quiz

Trever with porous poly diffuser

Kathy Webb from Fletcher Group gives overview of the next site

An excellent tomato crop

Front of the site after a major fire

Checking out the crawl space where processsing wastes accumulated


Facilities to handle coal

Meg and Steve discuss the site

Kathy tells us more about the site

Steve showing us around

Basement where wastes accumulated during operation

Kathy shows another potential source of contaminants

Chad by the power station

Kathy Webb describes the site

Kathy Webb

Steve and Kathy