Fractured Rock Aquifers, Conyers, GA

with Lester Williams, USGS Hydrogeologist

Lester Williams describes a caliper tool used on the USGS well logging truck

Calibrating the caliper tool

Caliper tool in a 6-inch casing

Shelly and Tim help with calibration

Putting the caliper tool in the borehole

Installing the tool

Setting the initial depth

Tim and Lane run the electronics on the logging truck

Checking out a video televiewer log

Lester explaining various logging tools

Video log

Transfering data

Here is the caliper log we made

Checking out an outcrop

Lester at an outcrop of biotite gneiss overlain by amphibolite

Lester explaining how to identify rock type in saprolite

At the outcrop

Lester showing us his field maps

Explaining field mapping techniques


A weir at Panola Mountain

Stream level at Panola Mountain

Granite outcrop at Panola Mountain

Dry deposition gauge

Lester showing some exfoliation joints

Curtis and Tom discussing the outcrop over a smoke

lichen at Panola Mountain