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Field Camp:
May 23-June 27, 2006

Syllabus (PDF format)


Hydrogeologic Settings
Fractured Crystalline Rocks
SC upstate GE Plant

Blue Ridge:
NC Coweeta LTER, Chatooga River

Fractured Sediments
Oak Ridge, TN

Mammoth Cave, KY
Mammoth Cave, KY 2004
Murfreesboro, TN
Santee, SC

Siliciclastic Sediments
Coastal Plain Overview
Savannah River Site, SC
Coastal Processes


Estimated Costs


Past Schedules

Savannah River Site


The Savannah River Site is a DOE facility near Aiken, South Carolina that has played a key role in defense and energy research. Investigators at SRS have also been leaders in the field of environmental remediation. Innovative methods of characterizing and cleaning contaminated aquifers have been developed and demonstrated at SRS for more than 20 years. Many of the techniques now in widespread use were developed at SRS. We tour the SRS facility and learn about ongoing and past investigations from scientists, like Brian Looney and Mary Harris, who have made important discoveries at the site.

Brian Looney and Mary Harris a at the A&M Area Demo Site

Joe Rossabi showing the SRS Cone Penetrometer truck

Ralph Nicols explaining remediation at the Burning Rubble Pit

Brian Looney at the A&M Seepage Basin

SVE Micro blower powered by a solar cell

Baroball evaluation

Darby checks out a baroball

Projects along the M area sewer line, which was contaminated with TCE

Brian describing various remediation projects

Overivew of the Upland Formation

Examining the Upland Formation

Mary discussing the gravel facies

Upland and Tobacco Road Formations near the Forest Service Office

Scraping to get a better exposure

Looking at the exposure


Ophimomorpha burrow

Burrow cast
more burrows



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