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Hydrogeologic Settings
Fractured Crystalline Rocks
SC upstate GE Plant

Blue Ridge:
NC Coweeta LTER, Chatooga River

Fractured Sediments
Oak Ridge, TN

Mammoth Cave, KY
Mammoth Cave, KY 2004
Murfreesboro, TN
Santee, SC



The Santee Limestone in eastern SC is the northern limit of the Floridan Aquifer. We investigated karst conditions in the vicinity of Santee State Park, SC. There are a few small caves that can be accessed in the area, along with sinkholes, sinking streams and springs typical of karst terrane elsewhere. We conducted a dye trace to determine the discharge point of one of the sinking streams.

Everyone in the bottom of a shaft.

Releasing dye into a sinking stream--flow direction is away from the camera

Dye release

Diluted dye emerging from a spring

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