May 17-June 22, 2017


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Presented below is the preliminary schedule for the 2016 Camp so that you can plan accordingly. The exact timing of events may change, but the dates are firm.

Date Activity
May 16 Move in Day/ No official activity
May 17 Introduction to Field Sites and Objectives
May 18-22 Field Module 1
May 23-27 Field Module 2
May 29 Leave for Knoxville : 2 PM
May 30-31 Knoxville Well Field Testing and Valley/Ridge Field Trips
June 1-3 Karst Hydrology: Mammoth Cave
June 4 OFF
June 5-8 Field Module 3
June 9 Field Trip to Blue Ridge
June 10-11 OFF
June 12 finish Module 3
June 13-15 Field Module 4
June 16 Field Trip to Blue Ridge
June 17-18 OFF
June 19-20 finish Field Module 4
June 21-22 River Trips/Equipment Return and Check
June 23 Camp over

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